No trust

Seere was bored and it was beginning to irritate her.

Her new toy had not shown himself in months and she had nothing to do but wait for him to appear again. Unfortunately his appearance had a direct link to the Hunter, and he was not in the best of moods either.

She'd brought her wishes to the demon's attention and it had almost cost her her life. The Hunter had pulled out his barbarian blade and nearly impaled her. The only thing that saved her were her quick reflexes.

Thinking about it was not improving the woman's mood at all.

[You seem troubled by something...]

Spoke a familiar voice inside her mind.

Irriated liquid notes spilled from her lips, "Don't invade my mind, Kheperer, I do not like it."

Voices inside her head; sometimes she felt as though she had many. It was unpleasant, and Seere preferred to only have sounds come in through her ears.

"I apologize. It is a force of habit."

The male demon was casually leaning against a large, ancient tree. However, Seere could not feel him at all, and thus, he had caught her off guard. The feeling was strange, as every other time she had ever met him in this particular wood, she'd felt him approach.

Turning her head slightly, she spoke again: "You come before me and do not carry Odin's blade? Rather bold of you."

Or rather, she'd felt the sword's aura that was now nowhere to be seen.


The scorpion turned to face him.

"You hide only your own presence, but never the sword's."
"There should not be any need. Demons can not sense it without touching the handle, nor can the forest..."

"Oh, but I can. I will always be able to feel it."

Objects with souls, their own wills; objects that have had their makers feelings, hopes or wishes transferred into them in their making. They all spoke to her. An ability she was not all that fond of, as such objects were usually malicious and bloodthirsty.

"I see, you hold more power than I imagined."

He paused, thinking about how she was dangerous. She hid her true potential and he was not sure if there was anyone who really knew how much destruction she could bring if she wished it.

The woman moved gracefully through the forest floor, "And to reply to your earlier remark..."

The elder demon watched as she moved, and relocated himself, always keeping several paces between the two of them. Although seemingly friendly, they did not know one another well, and both remained on their guard.

"I am vexed by the situation I am in." Her words flowed, as though they were liquid.

"And it is, no doubt, indirectly caused by yourself."

That boy was capable of running away from an experienced hunter only for so long. To have lasted to this day, he's had to have aid, and who else would be capable of teaching him tricks to stay hidden than the demon in front of her.

Admitting his involvement, the wanderer responded: "I do hope you are not planning on doing anything thoughtless."

She was bored, but not so much that she would involve herself in matters that did not belong to her. It was this feature of hers that had kept her alive this long.

"Oh no..." Seere leaned against the olden tree.

"But I will hold you personally responsible if his the Clan punishes the Hunter by death for failing his mission." she looked down on the smaller demon, a glimmer of seriousness in her red eyes.

The woman would lose her new favorite toy forever if the Hunter was killed, and she would not have that.

"I would not worry about that." the wanderer replied unshaken; "He has been successfully fulfilling his mission for centuries, and he is a direct descendant of Count Marax. He is far too valuable for the Clan to lay waste."

"And yet he has failed to annihilate you for years."

Such glum words from such a pretty face, Khepre thought.

"I am not a part of his assignment, as I am not unwanted here. I have received permission from the clan a millennium ago to travel worlds as I please. With certain conditions fulfilled, of course."

The woman seemed vaguely intrigued as he continued, "The only reason they want my head is for that mistake I made of killing one of theirs. Though, they haven't the resources to hunt me down right now." He chuckled, "I suppose they are just lying in wait for their chance."

He was as talkative as ever, but at least this relieved her boredom.

"But you should have patience. I predict your dilemma will not last much longer."
Although, 'long' was such a relative definition for someone as old as the two of them.

"You, Kheperer, sound like you are planning something." Her blank expression turned slowly into a small, wicked, smile..

"Perhaps, but it is too early to talk of it yet." he responded secretively.

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