She was alone.

She had needed the space, although every little noise made her jumpy and being alone definitely made her uncomfortable. Having someone attack you in your own home tended to do that, no matter how fearless you usually were.

 Sebille didn't want to seem whiney and weak in front of the tall man, but she couldn't help the insecurity she was feeling. So, she had decided it'd be better to be away from him for a few hours, at least. He didn't need to see her like this again.

But as usual, the man was not about to let her have things her way.

The model sighed. So much for staying away from him.

"Could it be that you came here for me?"

Sebille had practically stuck herself to him since that incident. She'd tried to be inconspicuous about it, though. Null had assured her he wouldn't be back, at least not for a good while, but the woman could not help feeling like he could attack her from around a corner at any time.


"When did you become this observant?"

He'd noticed how uneasy she'd felt leaving the house. Sometimes he really surprised her.

"I even told you I wanted to be alone."

And he didn't believe her.

The man sat next to her in silence, as if waiting for her to speak again.

"I'm sorry, Null."

She knew what his next silent question would be, so she continued without waiting for his reaction; "I thought I wouldn't have to feel this helpless ever again... and here I am."
"I bet you're just sick of rescuing me already." she laughed forcedly.

"I'm not."

Relief washed over her, and she could almost feel like herself again. This was something she had been so worried about, and he'd made it better just like that.

The woman's eyes narrowed, "Now, is that some guy thing, to take pleasure in saving the damsel in distress, or is it a 'Null thing'?"

" ..."

She scoffed and hit his chest with the back of her hand, "Stop being such a mystery."

The man barely reacted, but his eyes changed. This was as close to a smile as he got.

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