Getting acquainted

Tanith was trying to get used to this world. Not only was it unfamiliar, but she was also holding a weapon she was not used to.

The sounds and smells were so different from the forest she had resided in just a little while ago that she had trouble concentrating. Pulling out all of her strength here would require some work.

The light wind carried the whirr of small wings to her, along with the smell of twinflowers.

When she finally spotted the creature, she became even more suspicious. It certainly was not a dragonfly, although it sounded like one.

The Huntress was not certain of what it was at all, so she automatically became cautious of the approaching creature.

Moving her hand to the hilt of her dagger, she continued to observe the creature with distrust.

It did not feel dangerous, but more like the forest itself. She had a hunch on what it was, but knew better than to let her guard down, no matter how harmless a creature might look.

The buzzing stopped as the creature descended on the moss accompanied by a soft thud.

"Hello, pretty-purple-thing!" rang a small, bell like voice.

Tanith looked down at the hooved creature, and the bell on her hair tingled as if it were glad to meet the small being.

"Oh!" The creature exclaimed fearlessly, "Purple-thing has spots!"

It fell on the moss and stared at the Huntress' paws wide-eyed.

Tanith didn't know what to say.

Could this entity really be what she thought it was? She found it strange that the forest would take a form such as this. She had seen many forests, but they had always been old men, deer, bears or just trees.

"Does purple-spotty-thing not like Enki?" The hooved mismatch of creatures spoke hesitantly.

The demoness sat down, again, accompanied by the ring of her tiny bell.

"I'm just a little surprised that you would come to see me."
She didn't think she'd had done anything that had warranted the trust of the forest just yet.

"But purple-paw-thing is Kilbas' friend. Enki likes all Kilbas' friends" the creature paused and mumbled, "...almost."

Tanith stared at the spirit in disbelief.

"Kilbas is kind" :3

"He is... kind?"

The female was sceptical. From what she had seen and heard, the Hunter was everything but kind.

"Yes. But purple-spots lied to Kilbas." Enki pouted.

Everything about this meeting was so strange to Tanith.

"Should I not have?"

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