The fabulous Lord of the Underworld

The shadow demon was defeated. She had managed a return to the place she had originally been thrown into but there was nothing here.

Her hair was tangled again and her body covered with dirt. This had to be hell.

A dark figure with flaming hair was watching her plight from the shadows.

He pulled up his hood, for one of his orders to the woman was to never look directly at him, and stepped into her view.

"I see you have adapted well, my wife." spoke a male voice merrily.
"This new look suits you."

Nyx's eyes wen't wide: "My Lord! You have finally come to rescue me?"

"No... I just came to say hello."

"But I want to go back." she exclaimed, "This place is dirty and disgusting and full of bugs and mud and I'm itchy and filthy and my nails have chipped, and---"

"Silence." The dark figure commanded.

"I know what you have been doing very well. I have been watching you, and I must say I am impressed." his voice was amused, "I was rather bored with you, but since you have been here I've had some good laughs. And personally, I think the amazon look suits you."

"Please, my Lord, take me home!" the groveled, "I can not take it anymore, everyone is so disrespectful and nobody cares to--"
"Silence!" Kreios commanded again.

"I have better things to do than worry about taking you home." He spread his arms; "I threw you here for my entertainment and I expect you to amuse me more."

"But maybe this is getting a little old... Perhaps I should find another place to throw you into. A desert maybe? Or a glacier, would that be better?"

Nyx gasped.

"I never dared to hope that my Lord could love me, but to think that you don't care even a little...."

"I really don't." he stated.

"And I am busy, so I must go."

"Keep it up." He raised a clawed thumb as a sign of encouragement.

"I will pick you up once I have found place of more interest for you."

"Wait! My L--"

But he was gone already.

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