Never again

[I must thank you again,  Llyr. You are a lifesaver.]

The demon sent out his thoughts and paused, [Although, it should be the boy showing his gratitude here.]

The elder demon scoffed: Somnion had no sense of decency whatsoever.

A hooded figure turned his head and spoke in a slightly amused tone, "No matter. I'm always glad to hear that my spells work."

He hadn't had many customers lately. The Clan was clearly getting on top of their refugees.

"Although, I was not expecting an old customer to call again, especially not someone as strong as yourself. I was afraid you'd found a flaw in my pattern."

[Oh no. One could only find flaws in your work by making them on purpose.]
"Now you flatter me."

He did such meticulous work. Khepre could maybe draw half of the pattern Llyr did and then apply it on himself, but never so well and never on others.  He would have the boy thank the demon himself soon. For it was thanks to this demon of magics that he was now able to walk the world undetected by any and all living things.

"I expect he is out testing his new limits now?"

[Yes... He is as reckless as ever] But Khepre could not blame him: he was too, when he was Nion's age. [I expect he has taken flight again.]

A hint of melancholia in his voice, he breathed out, "Ah, to fly free... how I wish I could too."

[It is hardly practical in this world. He can not do it in the cover of the trees, nor can he fly above them in the fear of being shot down or flying into one of those human made creations that now rule the skies.]

His own wings had been sealed away for so long, he wasn't sure if he could even use them anymore. The time for flight was long gone.

"Still, to have that chance" Llyr sighed.

"But I must rely on the old-fashioned methods of transportation and walk to where I'm going." he moved his leg.

"And I should be on my way, before the hunter catches whiff of my presence here." Not that he could, unless he was in direct line of sight, but staying in one place made the demon nervous. He'd been running from the clan so long he couldn't remember what being safe felt like anymore.

Khepre watched as the younger demon diverged from himself. He almost felt sorry for the being, and his cursed fate of not belonging.

The demon stopped, "I hope we never meet again."

And Khepre nodded silently. He did too.

If they did, he would be in plight again and in need of his help. Which was a situation he did not want to find himself in ever again.

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