[They seem to have stayed in place perfectly.] The elder demon sent out his thoughts as he examined a trace of a pattern drawn on Somnion's skin not too long ago.

[...Despite your reckless tests.]

"Yeah, and I feel better than ever. Like... I had a force locked down somewhere deep inside and it's now flowing freely in my veins."

He'd been testing his limits lately, and the things he could do, the things he understood now... It wasn't just the training Khepre had put him through; there was something in these patterns that had unlocked something from within. Something like an understanding of his own power. He felt like he could even take on the Hunter on even terms now.

[You must thank Llyr for his work.]

"I will, if I ever see him again."
Nion paused, "You said he was on the run."

Nion didn't understand why a demon of his skill had to be so careful. His magics were amazing.

[Yes. And do not get careless with this. You still have limits.]
"I know, uncle. I may be undetectable but the traces I leave behind aren't. I'm not a child."

He had been a commander in an army in his time, and yet the elder demon could always make him feel like a youngster again.

[You wish you weren't. But you still have so much to learn.] He sighed in Nion's mind.

"Hey, I have the Claymore with me. I'll be fine."
[I hope so. Because what I am attempting will take more time.]

[And yet the world is unraveling at such fast pace that it has already taken it's first step. Time is running out.]

He knew there were new players in the game now.

"What do you mean?" Nion turned to his mentor but the small demon was already gone. Again.

The demon cursed under his breath.

"When will he learn to not speak in riddles?" Somnion mumbled to himself.

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