The demon swayed dangerously as he attempted to gain distance to the portal he had just stumbled out of. Just in case he was being followed.

He had been betrayed. The summons he had received was a trap set by the Clan.

He had walked straight into an ambush.

Llyr had cast several diversive spells simultaneously and jumped straight into a portal he created barely a moment behind the spells.

Now, he was back in the world he had just come from. He hadn't had the time to think of anywhere else and portals were complicated enough as is. One wrong pattern and he could've vaporized in the transfer.

There were risks here as well. For one, the hunter Kilbas watched over this world, and he was one of the strongest of his Clan.

Llyr would need to gain his strenght quickly and jump to a safer world immediately.

But his sudden need for an escape had caught him completely unprepared and the magics he had used had almost drained out his lifeforce.

He couldn't walk anymore.

The demon fell to his knees.

And everything went dark.


Meanwhile, the hunter Tanith was investigating the source of the massive energy she had felt just a while ago.

She was very familiar with tracking this kind of an energy. It had appeared out of thin air and dissipated just as quickly. This was how portals worked and her job was to see who, or what came out of it. Although, currently her only objective was the demon Somnion.

It wasn't far from the site of the portal that she found traveller himself.

But as she couldn't feel his presence at all, she assumed him dead.

It wasn't before she was right by him that she could hear his faint heartbeat.

The demon seemed to have exhausted himself to almost death as he had no open wounds. But the most disturbing thing about this was that she could see him right in front of herself but couldn't feel him at all.

This could be what her target was doing as well, as she'd been unable to locate him at all.

He was barely breathing, but there was not much she was capable of doing.

Tanith hadn't heard of a shapeshifter (which she assumed he was) matching his description at all, so he probably was not a target for her.


Tanith cursed under her breath. He might bring her answers to her problem but she was no doctor.

What was she supposed to do here?

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