The huntress had dragged the barely living demon back to her quarters in the forest. She didn't now any spells to help him regain his energy, so all she could do was let him rest and wait.

She wanted to know his secrets.

The demom was pulled out from his darkness by a light tinkle coming from close by.

He felt oddly warm although being rather sure he'd never made it out of the snow.

Trying to focus red eyes on the all-white ceiling, he pulled his hand out from underneath heavy furs.

A motion which did not go unnoticed by Tanith. She may not be able to feel him but she could still hear him move

Her fingers wrapped around the handle of her dagger.
"No sudden moves or they'll be your last." she threatened firmly.

The demon turned towards the voice, slightly surprised that it was female. "I don't think I could move quickly, even if I wanted to" he spoke quietly, feeling his body being completely out of energy.

Slowly, he moved more furs from on top of him.

Purple eyes watched him suspiciously.

The demon looked around at the white walls of fabric, "Where am I?"

"...In my tent."

"Tent? In the middle of winter?"

"I've had to stay longer than anticipated." She paused, what the hell was she doing? Small talking with a stranger. A potentially dangerous stranger.

"Did I do right saving you or should I have let you die in the snow?" she demanded.

"Oh, no. I'm grateful. I'd show you just how much but I can barely move my legs."

"I'd prefer you didn't move them, anyway." She didn't know what he might do, and she did not want to stain her home with blood.

The demon turned back to look at her, his red eyes flashing momentarily; "Lady, you have some serious trust issues."

"Tanith." she corrected him.

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