He was good.

Tanith hadn't expected Llyr to disappear so quickly in his condition. But he had.

She'd waited only a few hours but there was no trace left of him.

And now someone she wasn't quite as keen on seeing, was approaching.

The Hunter had made a long trip to reach the female demon.

It hadn't been an easy one, but this was the solution they had come to to keep their sanity: distance.

"What brings you to my neck of the woods?" the Huntress asked indifferently.

'Her' woods was it? The last he'd checked, he was still the guardian here.

Kilbas stopped, leaving an appropriate space between them.

"We have new summons."


"I said we, so I meant we." he snapped.

Tanith instantly took notice of the "I"'s he'd used. She had probably never heard him use the word and wondered if he'd at last started learning some humbleness.

"Do you think this One is happy about working with the likes of you?"

...Probably not. 

Her voice indifferent, she let him have a piece of her irritation; "Of course not. You can't be happy about anything because you do not understand the feeling."

Kilbas grunted, bringing his clawed fingers to the icy handle of his blade.

He should just impale her and be done with it. He wouldn't, probably, but he liked to imagine it.

"So, who is it?"
She got back to the topic before he'd attempt to slide her head off.

Glaring at her, he began; "A demon known as Llyr."

Tanith clenched her cape, and suddently her heart was racing.


Did she have to repeat everything he said?

Irritation in his eyes, he continued: "Description: black hair, large antlers, walking with two large predator paws."

Kilbas kept on talking, but Tanith was barely hearing him, "A useless lesser creature, but crafty with magics. Kill on sight."

It was them -her, he'd been running from. She could've caiught him but she hadn't known.

"He can not be felt at all, so do not rely on your senses."

Turning around for the trip back, he said his final words: "That is all."

" ..."

But had she wanted to know at all?

What had he done to be hunted?

The Hunter's cold demeanor did not give any impression of him noticing Tanith's disheartened reaction to the summons. But he had.

Usually he'd choose not to care, but this time he stopped and decided to give her the last piece of information he'd received, but had planned on keeping to himself.

"They said they'd grant back what was taken from you. You might need it."

"Grant me back... what?"

They'd taken so much from her; her former position, her partner... the list went on.

"Didn't ask."
And he walked away.

Of course he hadn't. He only cared about news concerning himself.


Tanith had waited for the Hunter to be far out of her reach before trying this.

After getting past the shock of her new additional assignment, she'd realized there could only be one thing that they'd give back to her.

She spread her arms and called for it in her mind.

And just as she'd thought: it came forth from the ether.

Slender fingers wrapped around her weapon.

The one weapon she really was familiar with. No more fighting with a measly dagger, fearing the opponent's larger blade.

"Oh, baby. Have they been good to you?" she slid her fingertips along the sharp metal blade.

"We'll never be separated again."

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