Llyr did not like asking others for help. Especially those he knew. He felt that if they saw him in plight, they'd lose their faith in his work.


So, this was where he'd gone as his last resort.

It was a place of elegance...

...and of slight disturbance.

A place of luxury...

...and of grotesque.

This all portrayed well the owner of this establishment.

Who hadn't been all that pleased about the demon's unannounced visit.

"Who are you, and what are you doing in my home?" Spoke a surprisingly calm liquid voice as a barrel of an old gun was pointed at the intruder.

"You are Seere, the Demon Prince's descendant?"

He had to confirm it.

"I know who I am, but what I do not know is who you are. So, do I need to repeat my question?" Her voice was growing impatient, and her trigger finger twitched as she spoke.

"I am Llyr, and I have come to ask something of you."
"I'm bad with favors and my arm is beginning to tire." came her jaded reply.

"I've heard you're not in the best of terms with the Hunter Clan."

That being an understament. He didn't think they bothered her per se, but she was old and she must be closely watched by them. If she were to cause disturbances in the world, they'd have to take action.

"Perhaps you would like to ruin some of their current plans?"

"I'm vaguely interested. Go on."

The demon took a step forward, although the weapon was still pointed straight at his heart -and in his condition he couldn't do anything to stop it.
"The clan is after me, and if I survive long enough to gain my strenght and leave this world, they'll not only be displeased, but they'll also be spending much more resources on finding me again than in anything else."


Resources being lives of their members.

Seere was tempted by the freedom it would give her.

"...And what would I gain from this?"

"I can give you spells in return for asylum."

The scorpion lowered her weapon, "I have no interest in magics."

It was bothersome enough that she couldn't feel him, just like she couldn't feel Kheperer. If she were to start playing with the forces and their side effects, she'd probably lose her mind.

"There is nothing else I have to offer..."

He'd been confident she'd accept. Nobody had ever said no, not with his skills.

She put down the gun, as suggestive liquid notes passed her lips, "I'm sure we can work something else out."

"Something else?"

He had no possessions here, and while his strenght was gone he had nothing else either.

Leaning forward, the scorpion lowered her voice for the proposal: "I'm positive there are certain... activities we could attend to in these dull winter days."

The demon sighed; he much more preferred humans and half-demons, but as he had no other choice he agreed: "As you wish."

"Good. I'm sure both of us will come to enjoy our time together"

And so, their scheme to outwit the Clan began.

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