Meet the devil

It did burn. It felt as if his blood was boiling beneath the flesh. As if his bones radiated heat. His magics wouldn't focus properly and his damaged arm tried to absorb all energy he cast out.

He needed to find a solution for this soon, he knew that.

"Such a curious thing." spoke a voice right from behind him as long fingers touched his sword.

Somnion spun around, his hand immediately going for the handle of his Claymore.

He hadn't noticed anyone approach.

"Tsk. Tsk. You wouldn't want to do that..." the woman warned him.

Nion recognized the demon, although he'd never met her, but he couldn't bring himself to voice out her name.

"Interesting... very interesting."

The scorpion eyed the sword: she'd never seen one quite like it. Out of every single weapon with a mind of its own, this was the first one to not be bloodthirsty. It almost felt as if it was grieving.

Seere stepped closer.

And directed her attention to the owner of the blade: "So, you're what all this fuss is about."

Ever since coming to this world, Nion had met demons much stronger than himself. And coming from a position where he could waste almost anyone, he wasn't sure how to take it. He certainly didn't like this feeling of helplessness.

"Such a pretty thing you are." she slid her fingertips along his cheek, getting closer and closer.

And Nion's Claymore began pulsing.

It felt his emotions and wanted to protect him.

The scorpion looked down, her red eyes fixing on the weapon.

"Don't even think about it." she snapped, her voice suddenly full of irritation.

And the sword immediately calmed down.

"How'd you...?"

The Claymore didn't even listen to him that well, let alone strangers.

"Oh please, I could destroy worlds if I wanted to. Did you really think a mere piece of steel could overpower my will?" her liquid notes were unimpressed.

"You are but a child, unaware of what is going on in the world."

Somnion tried to avoid her gaze.

"I wish I could eat you up, but I'm sure there'd be much better use for you" she whispered.

"I wonder if Kilbas would be pleased with me if I brought you to him..."

That was he would accomplish his number one mission and might actually pay some attention to her.

"But I think Kheperer would be cross with me if I did that..."

And Kilbas might also go somewhere else... that would be bad.

Nion backed away as soon as he had the chance to.

"I might take you home but..."

"It's such a shame" she spoke again, her tone exaggeratedly mournful. 
The yound demon froze as she turned to face him again, "W-what is?"

"I already have a houseguest, so..."

She was going to kill him, store him away and then eat him?

"We'll have to set a date for another time."



How did he keep getting out of these situations with pure luck?

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