The moment this man had reappeared, the scorpion demon had brought him in.

"You're such a delicious thing..."
"Uhh, yeah... I'm back, but I should probably..."

He wanted to explain to his girlfriend.

"Nonsense." the demon stepped closer.

She slid her long fingers to the back of the man's neck, gripping him surprisingly tight, "There is nothing you need to be doing right now..." she whispered seductively.

Nothing? He wasn't sure how much time he'd lost again... his friends must be worried, or upset. His girlfriend...

"She is but a child, she will not understand." she spoke, as if she'd just read his mind.
"She will never compare to me."

Seere knew what she wanted: creatures that weren't normal, things that didn't bore her. And Kay was just that.

Llyr watched from aback. 'Stay hidden if your life is important to you' she'd said. But she seemed to be playing with a human. Was this so important to the scorpion that she'd kill him if he bothered her games?

Llyr scoffed: that woman was too hard for him to understand.

But it was all good as long as he had some time to himself, and she didn't suddenly decide to have a threesome or something.

"Really, there must be something wrong with me..." Kay pulled away,  "I've blacked out again for who knows how long... I need to explain myself..."

Seere offered her hand, "Come with me, I require no explanations."

"No matter what you say, they will not understand, but regardless of how much time you miss, I will always be here. Be it a month, a decade or a century, I will wait."
" ..."
"Do you think anyone could ever match my offer? You'll be better off with someone that understands." her liquid voice came out seductive again.

The man was hesitant... she wasn't human.

But in the end he took her hand, because he was no longer sure if he was eiher.

He hadn't understood it before but now he did; nobody could live through as many eras as him and not grow old. Nobody else lost time as he did. It wasn't normal, so maybe he shouldn't be around normal people anymore.

"Good boy." Seere triumphed.

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