The hunter was in a foul mood.

He did not like leaving his post in the midst of a mission, but they'd needed the information he could get.

And yet...

"Did you find out anything?" The Huntress inquired as she arrived.

"No." Kilbas snapped in an icy tone, not appreciative of the interruption.

She scoffed in her mind; and he was the one that called her here.

"Care to elaborate?"

He'd gone to the humans for information on their target but Tanith didn't know what methods he used. She was curious about what he'd find, though. Tanith had to admit it: she did have an agenda. The Huntress wanted to find Llyr first, while she did not much care about the actual target.

Before being able to answer, the Hunters eyes spotted metal and guided by his instinct his hand went for the handle of his barbarian blade.

She was supposed to be an ally, and yet she carried her weapon in his presence.

"I see you have brought out your weapon, Scythe-wielder." He gripped the cold handle.

He'd never seen her with it before.

The Huntress set down her weapon.

"Do not be stupid."

How dare she insult him!

The Hunter pulled out his blade, anger boiling within him.

"I'm not carrying this around to fight you. It's just annoying to send it back to the ether." She lied.

The demoness had finally been reunited with her weapon, she had a lot to share with it and didn't wish to send it away. She was afraid they might take it back from her if she let it go.

"So, what was it that you did?"

Kilbas grunted, "This One was interrupted."
"You? Interrupted? Why not just kill whoever dared to oppose you?" Tanith's tone mocked him unintentionally. In truth, she was rather surprised he had given up so easily.

Unable to relax and let go of his sword, the Hunter gritted his teeth. The female wouldn't understand his restrictions.

The demoness threw her weapon on her shoulder and turned away, "Well, since you don't have news for me, I might as well go back and do my job."

"Next time you call me, have something to say, won't you." She knew she'd just insulted him even further but the presence of her weapon gave her confidence she might not otherwise have.

And she left.

Kilbas cursed under his breath. That scorpion just had to make everything worse. Now he was looked down upon by creatures less worthy than himself and his camouflage was confused and involved in things bigger than him.

He'd kill her if he could, but it was not allowed.

Still, he definitely enjoyed the thought.

He certainly would not bring him out for a good while now. Maybe she'd get bored of waiting, though Kilbas had a feeling he'd need to give the Demon Prince's descendant something more interesting to aim for before she'd forget Kay.

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