The winter had been long, and yet short as well.

The demon had taken painstakingly long to recover, but now, gradually his strenght had begun to recover.

It was as if the snow was taking his weakness with it.

"So, you're leaving." The scorpion spoke, her tone indifferent.

"Yes... I owe you my gratitude."

"Nonsense" her liquid tone came out a whisper as she slid her long, nailless fingers to the demon's hips.

"You paid me for everything"
Llyr didn't really understand her meaning of payment and still felt as if he needed to do something in return.

"All my toys are going away" she sighed into his ear.

First the Hunter had taken her Kay and now even this one was leaving.

Long fingers reached for the feather on her hat.

She touched his cheek slightly with the feather, "you were such a dissappointment; dull and boring in every way... but I'm going to miss you."

"Do not get killed. I wish to torture the Clan some more." she laughed in her liquid way.

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