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The Hunter pair was waiting in silence.

The younger of the two did not know what was to come as Kilbas had refused to talk to her. Remembering the end of a certain shadow demon, she felt it better not to push her luck.

They'd been standing beneath the elder tree for several hours before another demon approached them.

The Hunter Slayer halted, leaving an appropriate distance between himself and the members of the Clan.

[Greetings.] He spoke in their minds, and nodded at Kilbas.

He'd taken special care to dress, not in his usual traveller's gear, but to wear his commander's uniform. This was sign of the importance of this meeting. The Hunter should realize this, as he had met him before.

As expected, this change in his outfit didn't go unnoticed by Kilbas, but he made no effort to greet the elder demon.

The Hunter had taken notice of how the demon arrived with his hand on the handle of Odin's blade, as if to say he would allow no quarrel here.

The Huntress had only heard stories of this demon, but she had recognized him at once from the description Kilbas had reluctantly given her during her orientation.

She tightened her grip on the handle of her weapon.

He turned his attention to Tanith, [Good day, Scythe-wielder. The stories of your beauty do not do you justice.] his tone was polite in her mind.

She glanced at Kilbas briefly, wondering how she should respond. She was flattered that a demon of his stature knew of her, and she was also impressed with his manners. He was very different from a certain demon she was forced to associate with.

Tanith gave the elder demon a small nod, unsure of how to act. She still did not know what this was about.

"Get to the point." Kilbas spoke between gritted teeth. He was irritated by the summons and wanted to know why the demon had called them here. No matter how powerful he was, he couldn't possibly stand a chance against the two of them.

He did not like to be given orders. He did not jump through hoops at someone else's command.

[Very well...]

Khepre spread his arm; [I present to the Hunters of this world: my nephew.]

The young demon walked toward the group with caution, his fingers fidgeting on the handle of his Claymore.

The Hunter gripped his handle tight and began pulling out the blade.

Had he gone mad? Bringing his target straight to him.

Tanith was just as confused. Although having never met the boy, she knew what the young demon looked like, and thus immediately realized who he was. But why was he here? She didn't have much personal interest in this mission, but Kilbas was bloodthirsty for it after having it elude him for so many cycles. Why make it easy for him?

[We are here for a ceremony, Kilbas.] He put his arm protectively in front of Nion, [Do not be hasty, for your orders have changed.]

"What?" He was still gripping his handle, but his arm had frozen in mid-motion.


"You do not have the right to give this One orders." his voice pricled like ice.

[I am not, I'm merely relaying them.]

He turned to his nephew, [Anytime now.]

The Hunters waited. Kilbas was barely containing his urge to jump forward and rip his target to threads, while Tanith was doing a much better job in controlling herself. She was curious.

The young demon dropped on one knee.

His head downcast, the young demon spoke; "I, Somnion, present myself before you, the Hunters, pledging loyalty to the Clan and vowing to uphold the law and order of nature in this world." his voice wavered only slightly as he came to the end of the well-rehearsed line.

As the meaning of the words reached his consciousness, the blood drained from the Hunter's face. Kilbas was suddenly very pale.

Tanith glanced at him once again. Was this what she thought it was?

Nion looked up, "I gladly accept my place in this world."

"No!" the Hunter growled, twitching forward.

Nion took an instinctive step back at the Hunter's threathening behaviour.

[It is done, Hunter.] Khepre spoke, calm as ever.
[The permit has already been obtained, this was merely a ceremonial event.]

It was necessary to present the boy before the Hunter (or in this case, 'Hunters') to be sure that they knew the circumstances, as sometimes the Clan 'forgot' to notify of change. They did not like giving permits as they thought it undermined their authority.

[Somnion is now a part of this world as I am, and unless he breaks the rules of the Clan again, he will not be hunted by you or your kind.]


He paused, [he is bound here.]

Kilbas was still pale. He'd just been efectively chained in his place, and he did not like the feeling at all.

He knew the Hunter Slayer had done something, he knew he'd planned something. But this? This humiliation was worse than death.

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