Not enough danger 

This was more than a little surprising.

Kilbas was in a foul mood with what had happened regarding their target, and the Huntress didn't know what would happen with her own orders. Her reason for staying here was gone now, but the Clan hadn't passed on her new orders yet. So, in the mean time she'd decided to do what she did best: hunt.

The woman had found the trail by accident, you could say, and followed it.

And now there he was...

The male demon spoke without a warning or even a greeting first, "How did you find me?"

Her voice wavered in surprise; "I found your trail and followed it the old fashioned way."

"I see... I need to be more careful."  The pause lasted barely seconds but to Tanith it was hours.
His voice was full of thought as he continued, "That's an impressive weapon."

The Huntress stood there like a fool; he still hadn't even glanced at her, "How...?"

But the horned demon ignored her; "I should've realized who you were when I heard your name the first time. I'm sure you know who I am by now, as well."

Llyr's thoughts had been cleverly misled; there already was a Hunter in this world, why would there be another? They always worked alone.

"So, you've finally come to kill me?" his voice was full of cold indifference that chilled her to the bone.

"I... wasn't really expecting to find you."
And so she wasn't prepared for a fight.

Finally, he was looking in her direction, but Tanith couldn't make out his expression.
"Oh, but you'll have to, since you did find me."

"If I were to tell them you saw me, it'd be all over for you, Scythe-wielder. You have no choice."

He wouldn't actually do that; there would be no chance for him to talk were they to catch him. He was leading the conversation into a certain direction on purpose.The demon would rather have it all end here now. He was tired.

The Huntress moved closer.

She had mixed feelings about this: his indifference irritated her but although she was supposed to hunt the demon, Tanith was glad to see him. It scared her.

As the female demon walked to him, she took notice of a change in him. Llyr's eyes were different.

It was a weird feeling; the shock of his new look repressed the joy of seeing him, but the woman also felt relieved to find him well.

 Losing all self-control, she leaned forward to touch his face; "What have you done to your eyes!? Can you see at all?"
He flinched at her sudden touch, but answered nevertheless, "In a way... it's a spell."
"Undo it." She wasn't aware of why it upset her so.

He seemed to look right through her and it made her thoroughly uncomfortable.
"That's not how magic works, Tanith."
" ..."
"The spell has to run it's course."

The Huntress took a step back. His cool demeanor had suddenly begun to irritate her. Last time she met him, he'd been melancholy, but hopeful for the future. But now the demon seemed to have lost his will to live. Giving up like this was cheating.

She set her scythe behind his neck, and he didn't stop her. Though, Tanith wasn't sure if he saw or felt what she did. His eyes were blank and emotionless.

One flick of a wrist and his head would fly.

"Do it. I've had enough of running and I'm tired."

Tanith knew, deep down she knew, why his indifference offended her so. But she hadn't been ready to admit it to herself.

Not until now.

The Huntress dropped her weapon.

And slid her arms around him as their lips met.

The bell in her hair tingled joyously.



The day wore on quiet and calm.

The woods around them seemed uncaring toward the pair of demons huddled together on the mossy forest floor. Birds still sang, spiders spun their webs and trees swayed in the wind as they did before, but for Tanith and Llyr everything was different.

"You have no idea what we've done." His voice was quiet and his tone regretful.

"I think I do."
"No... you'd kill me right here if you did."

"I've had enough of killing for a while."

She was too busy feeling like a woman for the first time in centuries. Too busy to care about the repercussions of their actions.

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