Nothing left  

She was bathing in the little sun the ancient branches let through.

A heavy hoof stepped on the dry, heat stricken moss with surprising softness. Almost no sound reached the Demoness and that was how he'd meant it.

Though, he didn't know she was expecting him. How could he?

"What are you doing here?" the Hunter grunted as he appeared from behind the elder tree.

As if to irritate him on purpose, Tanith crossed her legs, taking a carefree posture. "Oh, it must kill you..."

His tone filled with even more irritation than usual, "What?"

"That I found the trail first and beat you here." she spoke cheerfully, keeping her expression as casual as possible -just to irritate the Hunter, he thought.

The elder demon grunted again as he sat down, choosing to ignore her snarky demeanor; "So?"

"Nothing. The trail ends here." she waved her hand, motioning the area, "His scent lingers here like it was left on purpose, but that's all that remains."

Doubtful, Kilbas spoke again, "Are you certain?"

"Yes." she stressed her answer, seeming huffy, "I checked myself."

"Good." he paused, "I suppose you have done well enough for your last assignment."

He was sligtly (but only very slightly) saddened that their little game of irritating one another would go on no more.

The Huntress leaned forward, "Excuse me?"

What was he planning on doing?

"The reason you came here is no more. This One suspects you will be summoned elsewhere, soon. Your help is not needed here."

True... it was true. The demon boy was to be hunted no more and so, she had no purpose here.

Where would she end up?

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