Venom in the veins  

The Huntress felt worried as of late; she didn't know what to expect to happen to her.

It was strange, though, usually the clan would've already sent a messenger.

And then, as if her thoughts had brought it onward: she felt another, certainly non-human, creature approaching without hiding their presence.

"Are you the Clan's messenger?" she spoke without really looking at the new arrival, she was so certain she was right.

"Do I look like a messenger?" spoke an elegantly dressed demon, "Or a member of the Clan for that matter?"

There was a hint of hurt in the stranger's tone.

Tanith looked at her more carefully, "No..."

Something was off about her but the Huntress couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Good." The stranger approached her, and Tanith let her. She didn't really know why she couldn't say no, or stop her.

There was no sinister intent coming from the woman, but it wouldn't hurt to be more careful. She was a demon after all. And yet, it was as if there was fog in her mind.

"Aren't you a looker." her liquid notes complimented, but Tanith wasn't sure if there was irony in the stranger's voice.

"No wonder Kilbas hasn't warmed up to you. He has a problem with beauty" she mocked.

The demon was already up close and personal, and long nail less fingers touched Tanith's chin before she even realized it.
"You know Kilbas?" she managed, not attempting to push the fingers away.

"Of course I do, darling."

Of course? Tanith was now feeling suspicious of the stranger, whose fingers sent chills down her spine.

There was something she should know about her, but her mind just couldn't grasp it. Her hand, however made its way to the handle of her dagger.

But she was stopped short.
"Nuh'uh. I'd be careful with sharp objects around me. I have quick reflexes and I'm poisonous" her words flowed like liquid and Tanith was even more suspicious of her nature.
"Don't you know what I am?" she asked the Huntress.

"...Seere." she answered in a sudden realization. She'd heard of her.
"That's who I am. Your senses don't seem to be acute enough to grasp the extend of my being."

Senses? You don't sense the original form of a shapeshifter.

"But don't worry," Seere continued:"you're not the only one. Seems that only a certain horned boy with special eyes can  see me for what I am."

See her? Wasn't she a---

Right then realization caught up with the Huntress, and she spoke before thinking; "Llyr?"

Long fingers grabbed her chin again, "Such a bad girl you are. You've met him. You've met him though you should be hunting him." there was something playful in the scorpion's voice.
"I've... heard of him." she tried to fix the situation.
"Oh, but had you only heard of him you wouldn't know of his eyes; they're new and nobody knows."

So then, how did Seere know?

How did she know so much about everything?

Before Tanith could realize (again) Seere was already handling her beloved weapon.

"It should've been easy to cut his head off with this blade, too... but maybe it would've been wrong" she paused and a thoughtful expression visited the demon's features, "This doesn't seem very blood thirsty. A rare trait in a blade."

"What are you---"

"Oh, don't worry. I have no interest in swinging around enormous sharp objects. I might slice my own head off"  she fingered the sharp edge.
"I much prefer old guns with bad aim. That way there's a possibility for collateral damage." she laughed.

Don't you just love unpredictability sometimes?

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