Tanith, the Huntress and Scythe Wielder, wandered the woods without a path or a plan. She fumbled in the darkness that was her present and the future.

Her head had been filled with doubts and questions ever since meeting the Demon Prince's mysterious descendant.

She wouldn't give her straight answers to any of her questions and would just laugh mockingly when she demanded the truth. Such insolence. But Tanith knew the demon could afford it. If she was half as old, she could be that way as well.

She had begun to hope she could just stay here and lose herself in the forest for ever.

Until she heard a sharp croak from the sky and looked up.

A raven was circling her up above, and she knew at once what it meant.

The Huntress raised up a clawed hand and waited for the bird.

She would finally be called back and given a new purpose. The demoness was both sorry and glad of it.

The bird landed on her finger, sharp claws wrapping around it tightly, its dark eyes gleaming in the dim light of the overcast sky.

"Finally they send a word for me, hmm?" she spoke softly to the raven. The bird gave no answer; only cocked it's head curiously.

Tanith unbinded the rolled up parchment from the birds leg and let it go.

Her heart raced as she wondered what would be in the letter. What would she be ordered to do.

Clumsily she rolled open the parchment and read.



It wasn't right... it was a cruel jape for the spirits to toy with her so.

She would've been happy to go, though somewhat sad, but glad in the end. Glad to be rid of what this place held for her. But she wasn't granted that wish.

Tanith lowered her arm slowly.

She was to remain here until the demon Llyr was brought back to the Clan or put to death.

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