Before the end  

This was the strongest Llyr had ever been. He could probably take on several of the Clan's member right now, but there was no point. Not anymore.

He was thinking he should brace himself for what was to come, but he didn't know if he was ready just yet.

"Is huge-clawy-horn-thing going to go boom?" asked a tiny voice from next to the demon's feet.

Slightly startled, the demon looked down and saw the little spirit partially hiding behind the trunk.

He'd never met it before, but with his eyes he only need look once to see what it really was. Which was nothing and everything both at once. The meaning of it did not escape Llyr.

"Is he?" the creature demanded again timidly.

Llyr looked at his hand.

So, the forest could feel his power now as well; it was problematic.
His skin was so heated from beneath that it almost steamed, but not quite. He'd thought he'd hidden it well enough, but now the magic had begun to leak out. There might be others that could notice it as well.

"Do not worry, my end will not harm any living creature." he spoke in a strangely calm tone, thinking that it was someone else using his lips.

The spirit only spied him warily.

"I promise you. I am indeed on overdrive, but you need not fret, I will not go supernova."

It was likely that nobody would notice his passing at all.

The spirit leaned back from the tree ever so slightly.

"Okay," he responded in his tiny, bell-like voice and gave him a small careful nod.

A strange calm had taken over the demon as he leaned on the tree.

He only hoped he could see her again.

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