[I have called you here, because I am going to do something...]

Right. Another grand plan he had to be a part of? Nion was getting sick of being bounced around; he wanted to study this world in peace but kept getting interrupted.

Not to mention there was the business with his arm...


[In the... event that I do not return, I'd like you to--]

"You're kidding me!" Nion raised his voice.

"You're going to do something dangerous and I'm trapped here not allowed to try out anything?"

Khepre's voice was firm, [This is not some test of power or playing with the forces. This is my life's work. My study and my purpose.]

Nion felt the accusation in the tone of his voice  and momentarily touched, the still burning, arm.

"Your study? What are you planning...?" the younger demon asked warily.

[I will visit... a place.] he answered cryptically.

It was so typical of him to not give any details.

[If everything goes as it should, you will not notice anything different and I will be here again before you know it.]

Khepre knew that Nion's powers had grown, and he was sure he'd feel the power surge when he went through the portal, but by then it would be too late to follow him.

"Where are you going?" he demanded, knowing he would not be getting an answer.

[Do not worry, it is a place I've been before.]

That didn't tell much.

[So, do your uncle a favor and stay out of trouble.]

Nion wanted to shake him and demand answers.

[And Somnion.]

But didn't. It would be of no use.

He sighed, "Yes?"

[Stay away from the Hunter. Despite what has happened, he will kill you if you get in his way.]
"When will you stop treating me like a child?"
[When you grow up.]

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