Not today  

A tiny voice at the back of her head had called her here. Initially it felt like instinct but now she was quite certain it had been his doing.

"I'm glad I was able to meet you again, Tanith." he spoke with a smile.
"Yes, and you almost ran into Kilbas as well. He's back there." she nodded in the direction she'd just come from.

"I know, I can see him."

She could never get used to that.

"It's where I'm headed."

"...You're planning on challenging him?" her voice was full of disbelief.

"No..." The demon hesitated, "He can have me."

The Huntress pushed him against the tree with all her strength.

"I must've misheard you."
"I thought you just said he could have you?!"

"He will."
"Out of all the thousand things he could be doing, he's hunting you -which is what I'm supposed to be doing as well. And--" She stopped to take a breath "And you're just going to go and offer yourself to him? Have you completely lost your mind?"

"There's no point in running away anymore. I'm going to---"

"Save it." she interrupted.

"You're just going to give up, is that it. You have it so much easier than many others, and being hunted is too much for you? It's pathetic."

Giving up infuriated her. Especially since she'd had this conversation with him before.

The demon grabbed the woman and pulled her against himself.

"Wha-" she exclaimed as their bodies made contact.

He lowered his voice into a determined whisper; "Tanith, listen to me."

"I was not born, so I cannot die naturally, but the universe is fading me away."

"I will rather die and leave something behind than fade into nothing as if I'd never been at all. I refuse to follow my fate."

"You're... dying?"

It was only now that she could feel the heat rising from his body. If it was any colder, he might've steamed.

"That can't be true-- When were you planning on telling me?"
"I'm telling you now."

"I have no more time. So, I will give myself to The Clan and no more loyalties will be torn in half."

He was clearly referring to her, and their previous talks of living on the run.

"That's not--"
"Tanith, let me have my death."

A long nail touched his lips, the sharp tip almost breaking skin.

"If you want to die, fine. But he will not have you."

Her irritation was apparent.

"He's almost here. I want you gone. Now."
"Go. I refuse to let you die before I've told you what I have to say."

It was time she chose a path for her own life as well.

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