Her heart was still beating in her ears as she was hurrying away from the scene of her crime.

Kilbas would catch her if she gave him the chance, wounded or not.

She turned from the cliff and stopped.

This wasn't far from where she'd left Llyr. Why wasn't he gone yet?

She hurried her steps to the demon.

"We have to move. Now."

"Why would you do that?" he wouldn't turn to face her.

Her hand stopped in mid-motion.


"I told you I'm dying soon. What you did was futile and stupid."

She'd forgotten he could see everything.

"Don't say that. I'm not planning on letting you go that easy."
"The whole Clan will be after you, and for what?"

"Stop it. It's too late now." she grabbed his fingers.


"I assume you saw it all, so you know it's happened already and there's nothing to be done about it."

She walked past him in an attempt to get him to follow, "Besides..."

"I didin't do it just for you."

It was her time to choose her own path.

"Tanith, they'll hunt you down and I don't have enough magic left to hide you."

The Huntress sighed, "I can do just fine on my own, it's you I'm worried about."

"I know you know someone that might be able to help you."

He'd helped enough fugitives to get on the Clan's bad side; one of them was bound to know something of magics.

"There's no---"

"You need to accept help for once in your life, Llyr." she interrupted him. "So, let's get the hell out of here and see who feels like they owe you something.."

Llyr had no arguments left, so he resigned,
"You should've at least killed him."

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