The demon had rapidly lost the little strength he'd had left.

And now he had become partially incorporeal: dissappearing, like he'd said he would.

There was nothing that Tanith could do. She was magicless in every way that would be useful here.

"Tanith... the sky is growing dark..."
"I suppose it is..." It certainly felt like it.

The demon lifted up his hand but Tanith was unable to even touch it now.

[I see things have gotten serious... in an unexpected manner.] spoke a curious male voice inside her mind.

The Huntress flinched and turned her head abruptly.

So, this 'Kheperer' was indeed the demon she'd met this past spring.

 [I apologize, I wasn't supposed to be gone this long, but the timing is hard to get just right.]

He'd meant to return to the moment he left, but after nearly ten years in the past, it was hard to pinpoint exact moments.

"Save him." she pleaded weakly.

She was a little lacking in manners, but Khepre hadn't seen any action in a decade and so he was willing to overlook her shortcomings.

The elder demon leaped toward the couple...

...and kneeled by the dying demon.

[He is at the end of his lifespan.] he remarked a tad sadly.

The magic was draining out of him and returning into the universe.

"Can't you do anything?"

He was their last hope.

Khepre looked down at the couple.

[There are spells to pour more magic into creatures to lenghten their lifespan...] But he didn't know if there was enough. He'd waited ten years for the world to restabilize itself so that he could get back home. And now he'd used the energy again in the return door.

[But these are primal magics. If he can not subdue them, he could become a monster. Would you be willing to live with that? Would he?]

He might need to be killed before he'd tip the balance of the worlds.

The female demon looked down at Llyrs face, and hesitated only for a moment; "Do it."

She'd decided to use any means necessary.

[This is no simple matter. If the Clan was to find out there would be concequences for myself...]

The Huntress had summoned and drawn her weapon so quickly that the demon hadn't noticed it before the blade was against his neck.

"Do it." she demanded again.

[As well as you, Tanith.] He continued, unphased.

"If this is what results from their actions, I want no part of it."

[So you have made your choice.]

"Will you do it or not? He doesn't have time left."

[If you would kindly remove your weapon...]

And she did.

[I will need to prepare... I might even take on an assistant in this.]
"Assistant?" she was skeptical.

[I wouldn't wish to admit it, but my nephew is quite capable with magics.]

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