[I have something to ask of you.]

Khepre was glad to finally be able to get out of his travel cloak.

[But first, it is good to see you so well.]

He'd brought his nephew along.

"Yeah, you were gone a whole of four days, I could barely contain my suicidal tendencies." he replied sarcastically.

Thanks a lot for the trust, he thought.

[Oh, it was slightly longer than that for me.] he smirked in that secretive way of his that never failed to irritate the younger demon.

"Will you tell me about it?"

[Soon, but first there is something I have been asked to do, and I could use your help.]

"My help?"

Nion was surprised to see that Khepre still had the marks of his clan alongside the ones that concealed his presence. He had been run out by the elders, after all and it was no secret the elder demon had no love for any of them -not after they'd taken his sister, too.

[There, on that shelf. Bring it to me.]

Nion turned to look.

[I brought it back with me but never thought I'd have use for it so soon.]

As Nion reached for the orb, a tingling sensation ran through his fingers.

And as he held it, it acquired a light blue glow.

"This is...?"
[A conduit made of compressed magic.]

Nion had read of such things, but they were rare and all rare things were in the hands of the elders in his world.

[We're going to pour raw magic into someone through that.]

The demon's fingers twitched, "Raw? Who would want something so primal?"

Magics like that consumed and burned until there was nothing left. The closest he had ever come to such forces was when his spell backlashed, and it had still been long ways off of the most primal of magics.

Khepre gestured Nion to give the orb to him. [I doubt he wants it, but he does need it.]

As the elder demon took it, it changed colour again.

"Why does it do that?" he asked curiously.
[As it is empty, it reflects the power of anyone holding it.]

[If you'd used one of these, you might've succeeded at your... experiment.]

Nion was about to open his mouth but his uncle continued before he could;
[But now, perhaps we could use it pull the magic out of your arm as we absorb it from everywhere else.]

The demon looked at his scorched hand, still feeling the bones burn; "I told you I could take care of this myself."

He knew he was being stubborn.

[I do not doubt that] he sat down and crossed his legs, [But I rather think we will need all the magic we can get.]

[Reflect carefully on this. It is dangerous and we have no time to prepare.]

"You're seriously asking me if I want to perform forbidden magics? What's wrong with you? ...Of course I do."

Nion was planning on becoming great. He knew he could now that his clan was no longer holding him back.

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