A glimpse  

Tanith crossed her arms and leaned on the frozen tree.

The only sound breaking the silence of the forest, was the occasional clump snow falling from the trees.

She turned back to the demon behind her: "Can't you see how many are after us?"

The Clan dealt a severe punishment to those that betrayed them. She wouldn't be surprised if it was an army.

Llyr had covered his eyes with his hand in an attempt to not see but it was no use.


"There's too much... I can't focus on anything."

He'd been going blind, guided by the Huntress, for the first few days. Even now he had to rely on her to distinguish what was right in front of him from things that were half-a-world away.

The demoness sighed.

If she thought the eyes were creepy before, what were they now? He could spy on people on the other side of the globe. And possibly more, as she didn't understand all the things he'd said he saw.

"I guess this is as good a place to rest a while as any." she removed her hood.

He concentrated on his eyes and focused them into this moment. It took effort but he was getting the hang of it.

He stepped beside her.


"Even now, I still continue to be a burden."


Who would've thought one could have too much power.

She tossed her head and the bell tingled,"I'm the one that got us into this, so stop that." He could sense a hint of irritation from her voice.

"I won't leave you until I've paid the debt I owe you."

Tanith averted her eyes, "I didn't do it so that you'd be in my debt."

"I know..." he slid his clawed finger up a strand of her hair.

The tip of his claw touched the bell ever so slightly and at that moment something flashed in his eyes, blinding him from everything.

The demon pulled back his hand and took an unsteady step away from her, but it was too late.

He was blinded but he saw.


He saw a little girl, no more than six years old, with panther-like features yelling and crying. Trying to hold on to a bell-hemmed skirt of a woman whose face was nothing but shadows. Screaming and kicking, she was forcefully pulled away from the woman’s arms. As the figure of the woman faded into the distance, she found a single bell in the palm of her clawed hand.

Then, there were flashes of darkness, pain and sadness, as well as a burning feel of unwavering determination.

And the jingle of a small bell at every turn.

As his vision returned, he could still hear the cries and sobs of the girl.

"Llyr? What is it?"  the bell jingled in her hair.

"N-nothing... I think I glimpsed into something I shouldn't have seen."

The memories of the bell. The magics in him had remnants of recently used spells circling uncontrollably inside. That Khepre had played with time, hadn't he? It messed with his sense of self.

"What shouldn't you have seen?"
"A girl taken from her mother... pain and darkness."

Tanith made the connection. She was surprised, though she knew she shouldn't have been.

The Huntress looked away, "That girl was weak."

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