"I can go now, right?"

He'd examined Nion thoroughly and had seemed content with the results.

[Yes, but before you go, I'd like to make you a proposal.]

The demon's hand appeared next to him.

"What is it?"

[Come summer, I would like to begin training you vigorously.]
"Why?" And for what?

[You have the potential to grow into something extraordinary, but you will need help.]

[If you wish to have power, I would like to teach you everything I know. Though it will not be easy.]

Somnion hesitated for a moment, but he would not get a better opportunity.

He didn't know why Khepre would do such a thing, he'd said his own research still wasn't done. But Nion shook his hand anyway. He had much to learn, that he knew.

[Good. When I am done with you I will be free to do something I have aimed for most of my life.]

He'd already given up on it once, believing he could forget his ultimate desire and drown himself in his research instead. But he had never forgotten.

"Do? Do what?"

The elder demon sat himself down casually; [I will tell you later, but now we have a guest.]

"...A guest?"

A female figure walked down the carpeted hall way.


"Excuse me for letting myself in."
[Yes, I did not expect to see you so soon. He did not survive, then?]

The Huntress stopped, "He did."

[Then, I am even more perplexed to see you here.]

"You need to help him... he's seeing things."
[That would be the nature of his eyes.]
"He _saw_ my past. He sees everything everywhere and can't concentrate on one thing. The Clan is after us and we can't see them coming. We can't defend ourselves like this...!"

[Are you certain they are after you?] His tone was calm but strangely amused.
"Of course they are! I betrayed the Clan."

Somnion wasn't so sure. Kilbas was who he was. He'd gotten two chances to kill him in the past and both times let him go. That Hunter was whimsical, and from what he'd heard, very selfish. Nion didn't know exactly how the Clan worked but he saw a definite possibility in the fact that they hadn't been told yet.

[Whatever the case,] the demon continued [we can not help you any longer.]

"Can't or won't?" she asked pointedly.
"How dare-- He helped you before. You've stayed hidden because of him, you're alive because of h--"

Somnion swung his arm.

"We've done enough!"

"What?" there was disbelief in her voice.

"We told you there would be side effects. You should be grateful he's even alive in the first place."

Tanith looked at Somnion as if his head had fallen off. Since when had the brat been this cocky? Just because one of his spells worked...

"Do you think--" but she was cut off.

[My nephew is correct. Our dept to Llyr has been paid.]

" ..."
[In any case, I could not be of assistance to him as I am now. I need to take time to recover.]


So his strength really was gone. It was no wonder; first a time jump, then that spell and then he'd teleported the both of them back here. That would drain anyone.

[Somnion here is another matter, but I do not think he is willing to risk it at this moment.]

Tanith looked at him: this kid? He must've let Khepre do most of the work. If someone as powerful as the Hunter Slayer was exhausted but he was up and running, he couldn't have done much.

"Fine. I will protect us on my own."

And with that she left.

Was it alright not to help them? He knew they'd shaken the balance of the universe already, but if they were attacked and kiilled now, all their work would have been in vain.

[Somnion, forget it. There is no need to help them. If he survived the spell and it's after-effects, he will be much stronger than either of us for a while. Just hope that we are far enough away if he lets his magics run wild.]

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