A name unspoken? 27/04/2007

Fenrir had pulled Sebille to the side to have a talk with her. It wasn't going quite as well as he had hoped.

There was no convincing her that the new mystery-man was not to be messed around with. It wasn't that she was going to, it was that she was so indifferent about everything around her. She wasn't being wary either.

It was obvious that this man was dangerous, she just wasn't hearing it -Although she seemed to know that already. Even after everyone was informed that he was an assassin, she asked; what did it matter?

It wasn't like he was here to murder all of us without reason. Weren't assassins paid to murder people?
His warnings were of no use. She had always done things the way she pleased and she wasn't going to change her ways now.

Really... Did she have to go on about staring him as well? Who knows what would make him snap...  =___=;

"She says she knows you, you know"
" ..."

"Seen you somewhere before"

"You don't remember, right?"

" ..."

This man... He wasn't planning on talking at all? Well, at least he didn't seem to care about any of them enough to want to do anything... lethal.

"Oh, I don't think we've heard your name yet? I'm Fenrir, nice meeting you..."
In reality, Fenrir didn't think there was anything nice in having this man in the same house as everyone else. Why was he here, when he obviously didn't care for the company of others?

" ..."

It pissed him off! Too good to talk to him? Fine, don't talk then. It's not like anyone cared!

Okay, that wasn't what he really thought. It seemed to Fenrir that this man enjoyed the quiet and felt comfortable when nobody spoke.

Well, even if the tall guy was comfortable with it, he wasn't. Just standing by the side of this man was enough to send shivers down his spine. And since he didn't seem like he was about to speak anytime soon, he thought it'd be best to leave---



"It's Null."

"Oh wow! You actually spoke! And here I was thinking you couldn't... or something."
" ..."
"Anyway... thanks."

He smiled. Things no longer seemed as bad as he had thought they were.
The man, Null, was still as scary as hell, but at least he had shown some sort of a sign that he was actually aware of what was happening around him.

(And what the hell of a kind of a name was "Null"?)

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