Flat on her face? 09/05/2007

Things were normal. The people living in the house were mostly minding their own business.

Sebille was not an exception. She loved more than anything to sit in peace and read.

She didn't mind company as long as they weren't loud or obnoxious. Null had proven to be neither... so she continued reading.


Yes. He had proven to be neither but this time he was bothering her. Nobody liked to read if someone stared at them.

"Is the staring necessary?"
" ..."

To her surprise, he didn't look away. In her experience most people would. He never spoke, either, so it was hard for her to know what it was that he found so intriguing... Unless...

"What is it? My hair?"
There was a pause.

"Yes. I changed it. I change it a lot -part of my job"
She was a model after all. And still, there was no answer from the tall man.

"If you'll excuse me, then..."

And she tripped. On her own foot. How embarassing was that?

Great. Just great. She was going to end up flat on her face. So much for a graceful exit.

What happened? WHAT just happened? He did not just stop her from falling... right? There was no way this man would do such a thing.
If anything, he should observe us and maybe laugh to himself as we tumble through life. Anything but intervene on something as petty as this.

An awkward silence fell upon them.

"Good reflexes..."

" ..."

And still no reaction out of him. She did not understand but she got a feeling he understood it even less.

"You can let go now"

And slowly she pulled her hand away.

"Thank you..." she said.

Got up.

And walked away.

Only to miss his last reaction. His last expression that told it's own story... and would have confirmed that she was right.

He did not understand.

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