Done what? 10/05/2007

Sebille sat on the couch. She was concerned... in a way. Null had been quiet for some time now. Well, he always was but this time the atmosphere was different.

She understood the desire to be left alone very well. She knew he didn't want company but still she sat next to him.
This was her spot for relaxing. How could she possibly relax if she had someone moping next to her? This was her excuse.

The real reason was still a mystery, even to her.

"Is everything alright?"
Possibly the dumbest thing she could have said. And still she went and said it.

" ..."

Without thinking, she reached out her hand and touched Null's arm.

The moment she had done it, she knew she shouldn't have. She had been warned of him so many times and she knew the warnings were given for a reason. "He might snap anytime" as Fenrir had so simply put it, turned out to be more true than he, himself, had expected.

Null's expression never changed, as he sat up.

In a second he had grabbed her wrist firmly, his eyes cold as he stared down at her and pinned her down. The motion caused a small yelp to spill from her lips.

It took a while for the small lady to register what had happened. She was put firmly to place. No chance to move, much less to get away.

"What have you done to me!?"

What? She had done something? To him?

What had she done to him?

The silence fell on them. And she realized she wasn't scared. She should have been but she wasn't. There was nothing for her to lose that she hadn't already lost. Thus, she had no reason to be frightened.

He was free to do whatever he wanted, and he still wouldn't get an answer from her. She didn't understand what he was asking from her.

He glared down, only one eye visible to her. His expression was still the same as ever... though, this time she could see a glimpse of confusion.

What on Earth had she done to him?

Ah! That was it! ... Just that?

"I have done nothing to you. You've done it to yourself... in a way."

She would have flicked her hand away from his hold and stared straight into his eye, like any self-respecting lady would have done... but unfortunately his grip was still as strong as ever and she would just have made a fool out of herself.

Instead, she relaxed.


It hadn't dawned to him yet. And to add to the confusion, she didn't seem to be afraid... No, she certainly wasn't. Why?

She was slowly let go of his grip. Never letting her eyes leave his, she rose to her elbows. Her expression was nothing but calm. She felt nothing but calm.

"Yes. Nothing."

He clearly didn't know what to make of the situation. Apparently she hadn't behaved like she should have. Well, it if was any consolation to him; she had surprised even herself.

He was back in his own thoughts. This silence was awkward but more comfortable than the last one.

In a way she could see where he was coming from. And why he had reacted the way he did. She wondered whether she should tell him why he had done so, or let him figure it out.

The look he gave her told her so much more than words. He wasn't good at speaking and she understood that.

A cold, vicious killer? Pfft.

Maybe he had been once. Maybe he could still become one. But maybe... that was all in the past?

Why would a killer want to apologize? He never said the words but his eyes told her everything she needed to know.

"Don't worry about it..."

And another silence fell upon them. Null pondering what it was that he had done to himself, and Sebille thinking about what he would do when he realized it.

Would he kill her? Would he leave her be? Or would he perhaps... go along with it?

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