Being bothered 16/05/2007

(Enjoy tons of the same angles and partially crappy pictures. Also, I removed lots of pictures from inbetween 'cause the story was getting too long, so some little details might seem a bit illogical.)

Sebille had decided to intrude on Null's time alone. She didn't have the nerve to go into his room when he was there and she was still curious about him. It wasn't like her and it confused her but she was still enjoying it.

It was nice to not understand one's feelings for a change.

"Mind if I bother you a bit?"

And there was no harm done since he said he didn't mind.

Long moments passed in silence. It wasn't the awkward kind that they had experienced before, but a warm and quiet silence. Though, perhaps a bit nervous --on Null's side.

He did end up sliding his hand behind her back and around her... She had been rather amused at his silent nervousness but now she smiled due to his actions.

She mumbled and broke the silence, getting a silent question in return.

This man really didn't need to speak. He said most of everything with the tiniest gestures. You just had to look a little harder to catch them.
She found it... refresting.

"Somehow... this necklace really suits you, doesn't it..."

It did. It was like it was made for him... and perhaps it was. Maybe he had had it custom made. But then again, it was kind of hard to imagine him walking into a jewellery store and asking for them to make him a necklace. She smiled at the thought.

"You own a real one too, right?"
" . . . "

Eh? She didn't really need to know that. 'I hope he didn't bring all of them with him when he came here', she thought.

Sebille was beginning to feel slightly drowsy. She was comfortable, more comfortable than she had been in a long, long while.

She could no longer resist reaching her hand up to his hair.

She had no idea how the tall  (and very pleasantly scented) man would react but she didn't think it would be another one of those "You-thouch-me-one-more-time-and-I'll-kill-you-for-good" -reactions.

No... it certainly wasn't. But he did remove her hand.

Perhaps he really didn't like to be touched?
Now, that wouldn't do... that wouldn't do at all.

It was time for a change of position. She didn't really want to fall asleep on the couch. It would propably be extremely comfy but she'd definitely wake up all alone hours later and have a flu.

And he'd need to get used to touching.

Then, it occured to her; maybe there was another reason he didn't want her to touch him... Maybe he didn't want to lose control again? Though, that might just have been wishful thinking on her part.

Oh well, at least he didn't lift her off of his lap...

The downside was... that she could no longer take her eyes off of him. Though, she didn't really think it was a bad thing... but she did think that she might've been moving a little too fast.

This man.. he didn't have social skills and she didn't know what he had done in the past. She didn't know if he had had anyone... and she didn't know what would be okay, either.

But what good was logic anyway? To hell with it.

She could no longer resist.

Yeah, logic sucked.

He was so handsome... and she loved his eyes. They were just a bit cold but still so lovely.

When she finally managed to pull her eyes off his, she noticed something.

"A scar?"

A tiny, seemingly insignificant, scar. But scars told their own stories, even if it looked small, something much, much bigger might've happened.

"What happened?"
" ...A bullet."

Wow... she had never even seen a real gun, much less experienced being shot at. She wondered how much it had hurt. Had he lost his composure? He was always so calm but he must've showed a different expression then...

"It wen't in here?"
"Came out."
"You were shot from behind?! That seems a bit cowardly-- Wait, then you must have another scar on your back? Can I see it?"

She sounded a bit too excited, didn't she? And people didn't usually ask if they could see someone else's scars, did they?


Yeap. Way too excited.

She brought her legs down from the couch and slid herself slightly off his lap.

"Uhm... Sorry, I don't usually talk this much."

"I should propably leave before I end up bothering you too much..."
" ..."

Embarassing. She really never spoke that much, much less so when she didn't really get answers. What had gone into her? It was time for her to scamper off and leave him to his papers.

Just as she was getting up, however...

She was pulled from behind. She let out a small, surprised gasp.

"Not yet..."

Now, that she hadn't expected. She had been sure she was bothering him with her incoherent babbling. For some reason, with him, she just couldn't keep quiet. She'd never had that problem with anyone before.

Anyway, she was happy. She was comfortable and she was content.

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