Considerateness on his part 31/05/2007

Sebille was having trouble deciding what accessory to wear to work. She didn't like making such trifling decisions but they were needed. Looks were everything to them.

She had been so busy the past few weeks that she had hardly seen Null at all.

If she was home, he was nowhere to be seen. She still didn't feel necessary to invade his private space and barge into his room without a good reason.

She wasn't sure where they were at and keeping apart seemed like a good decision, anyway, as nothing good would come out of rushing things. She knew that all too well.

"Hmm... What is it with this? Nothing seems right ..." She mumbled.
"Ridiculous. Who really cares what I wear around my neck anyway?"

She was irritated, very much so. She would need to change her clothes anyway, but if she wasn't well dressed when she arrived, she'd get to hear about it for the rest of the week.
Why couldn't things be kept simple, for a change?

"...The red one."

Her heart nearly jumped out of her mouth!

"What's wrong with you?!"
" ..."
"Do you take some sick pleasure in creeping silently behind other people and almost giving them heart attacks?"

She had nearly gotten one.

"Sorry... Dumb question; of course you do..."

He seemed amused. Not funny! Not funny in the least >_<*

"The red one, you say..."

"I think it's too... complex"

"I need something simple, something long, something similar to what you have...." She returns to her thoughs, her annoyance only greater.

"Where the hell is that key thing when it's needed...?"



That surprised her. Really, he was just full of them, surprises. He was giving his necklace to her? But he always wore it himself...?

But he was serious?

...seriously serious?

"This... isn't a family heirloom or anything like that... right? 'Cause I can't take it if it is..."

"I'll let you borrow it..."

She was pretty much speechless... He always did something she didn't expect of him. Maybe she should start expecting? If she did, she was afraid she'd be dissappointed and hurt... so this way seemed better. But all these surprises sort of put her on edge.

"...Why do you keep hiding your right hand behind your back?"

" ..."

What was that little smirk-thing he just showed her?


What? Whatwhat? Whatwhatwhat!?
Just one big "what"!?

"A... dried rose...?"

"...for me?"

She didn't think she was one to be touched by such a gesture... but apparently she had been wrong.

This is what he came here for? To give her this rose... a rose that he apparently hadn't been able to give her before because she had been so busy, so... he had dried it and waited to give it to her?

Maybe that was reading too much into it.

He gave her a tiny, almost unnoticeable smile....

...and left.

" ..."

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