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"And the rose?"

" ..."

She didn't feel like talking about it. It was Loupe's fault for being so nosey. He didn't need to get all the answers he wanted, anyway...

"In your room, then?"


"Would you just give it back, Mr. I-want-to-know-it-all?"

"Ohh? What are you gonna do with it? Admire it some more?"

Oh the irony in his voice. If it was anyone else, she'd get irritated but not at him. It was impossible to ever get mad at him.

She let that one go unanswered. He could think whatever he wanted. Besides, she enjoyed not telling him everything and let him ponder about it.
She was planning on looking for Null, though, since she had the day off.

"Isn't it about time you returned it to Mr. Lover-man?"

"Harhar. Aren't you funny today."
"Aren't I always?"

He grinned as she walked away, rolling her eyes


Sebille was puzzled. He was nowhere to be found -again. She had even peeked into his room and he wasn't there either.
He wasn't in the living room, in the kitchen or in the backyard. Could he have left the house?

No. There was still one more place she hadn't checked. A very unlikely at that, though.

It wasn't very likely  that he'd be there but, what do you know? He's always where you least expect him to be.

Yeap. There he was.

"Isn't it hot sitting there in the sun? And there's no wind or anything..."

No answer. Well, she wasn't really expecting one anyhow. He didn't really answer unless it was necessary... In a way it was pleasant but could easily start to feel like she was talking to herself.

He didn't seem like he absolutely wanted to be alone at the moment, so she decided to join him. It was way too hot for her to stay there for too long, though. How could he take it? And he was in all black, too.

"I came to return the necklace."
" ..."
"I have a bad habit of losing things... so I'd appreciate it if you took it back before it got lost"

"It looks better on you than me, anyway..."

" ..."

It really did. It had, however, helped her at work the day before. They were pleased that she had taken the time to accessorize, as she often didn't.

Again. He grabbed her hand when she was touching him. Why? That habit of his was rather unpleasant. It felt a little different this time, though... She just couldn't put her finger on what it was that made it different.


This time it was initiated by him. A long soft kiss.
She hadn't even had the time to thank him for borrowing the necklace.

Oh well...

She felt like stopping time right then and there --although, it was still uncomfortably hot.

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