Not her miss 09/06/2007

Sebille was not pleased. Through no fault of her own she had been 'forced' to borrow a shirt from Null. Okay, it might have been partially her fault but she didn't want to admit it. What it was that led to her current situation wasn't something she wanted to think about.

She was waiting for Fenrir to  bring her some of her own clothes and it was taking way too long for her tastes. While waiting in her room she was almost forced to think about what had happened. Even Null's scent on the shirt wasn't enough to distract her. She was irritated.

What an end to a perfectly good week.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

She was ready to let out some of the steam, so she got up.

 "Took you long enough. I was almo---"

" . . ."

Those weren't Loupe's feet.

Oh no. Why did it have to be him? The first time he comes into her room and she's dressed like this.

She got over the initial 'shock' and jumped up.


"Null? What are you doing here?"

She was feeling rather sheepish. For so many reasons. She hadn't even been able to go ask him to lend a shirt by herself. She'd sent Fenrir to go get it -although she knew he didn't like to be around the eerie man.

" ..."

"Ehm... I know I'm not wearing much so could you... not stare at me like that"
She was almost blushing. Strange, wasn't it. Due to her work she often wore skimpy outfits, and in front of dozens of strangers, too. Yet, when it was him, she felt rather unsure of herself.

"Sorry I had to send Lo-- Fenrir to come fetch this. He doesn't really like being around you so... ... could you seriously not look at me like that?"

Her irritation was returning.

"I'm feeling dumb enough as it is"

"Like what?"

 He was amused. He was so amused. >_>

"Fine. If you have nothing important to say, would you please leave. I'd like to spend the rest of my half-naked time alone, if it isn't too much to ask..."
She didn't want to sound rude, but the words just came out of her mouth.

She turned her back to him, hoping that he'd really get the message and leave before she said something else she's regret.


Kneeling? In front of her? Isn't that like... a big deal? For him anyway. He certainly can't be the type that would do such a thing on a whim.

"What are you doing?"

He pulled her closer, not saying anything (but did he ever?).

"Don't kneel for me..." She felt touched and sounded a little sad. "...You know nothing about me and--"

"I want to."

He wanted to? What? Kneel before her or know more about her? Possibly both?

Well, he didn't seem to accept 'no' as an answer, so...

" ...Really, what am I going to do with you?"
Always doing things she least expected of him, then not speaking to her about his intensions... and still alluring her (she swore he did that on purpose). She was sure there was some sort of conspiracy going on behind her back.

She wanted to love this man, but she didn't know if she should. She didn't know if he'd accept it. And she knew nothing about him. It might be that there wasn't much to know but still... she wanted to be sure.


"If you two keep at it, I doubt you'll need these clothes I brough you."

She was startled and apparently so was Null. You'd think that at least he'd have noticed someone enter the room.


He chuckled.

"Don't ever do that again! I've had enough of these almost-heart attack situations, thankyouverymuch."

She left Null's side and walked to silver haired man.

"You wanted me to bring the clothes as soon as possible so..."
"You call this soon? I've been waiting-- god knows how long."
"You seem irritated, dear."

She seemed irritated? No shit, Sherlock? A perfectly good moment was ruined, like her day hadn't been troublesome enough already.

"It seems that this might not be an appropriate time for a chat... So, I suppose I'll be going then. We'll talk later."

Before Sebille could even open her mouth again he was already half way across the room.

Well, she didn't really want to be mad at him anyway. He had done nothing wrong... except not knock before entering her room.

"Well, I'll be going to change so y---"


Was he... embarassed?

How cute was that.

She smiled, turned around and left to get changed.


By the time Sebille was back, he seemed to have calmed down.

"It wasn't that bad, now was it?"

" ...?"
"Fenrir isn't the type to go talking about what he's seen to everyone"

She didn't reallty see how it'd matter, anyway.

"And he certainly isn't any less afraid of you now" She laughed.

"Here. Thank you for borrowing it"
" ..."

He looked like he wanted to say something, but he also looked like he couldn't say it... whatever it was.

He meant what he said earlier, didn't he? About wanting to know more about her. That's how she'd interpreted it.

It made her happy.

Although she never admitted it, she had been lonely the past few years.


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