Crown for a friend 13/06/2007

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Fenrir was reading a letter from his brother. He was back in France now, as he had been in the US for some time... He wrote something about how he hadn't remembered hating France so much.. or so Fenrir thought.

His brother's letters were more like novels. This one must've been over ten pages long... and half of it was swearing  --in multiple languages. You'd be amazed at the vocabulary of that man.

"Can't he write so that people actually understand?" He mumbled.

It took ridiculous amount of time to understand a few paragraphs, let alone a dozen pages of that crap.

"Talking to yourself?" said a voice out of nowhere.


"What brings you to my humble abode?"

"Do you still have that necklace with you? I'd like to borrow it again"

"Yeah, it's in the box under the bed... Why do you want it now?"

She meant a necklace he had wanted to give her as a present years ago, but which she hadn't accepted as it was a sort of a family heirloom to Fenrir. She did, however, come to borrow it at times --making sure to always return it.

"I just thought I'd like to wear it for a while" She smiled.

"This is one ugly box, by the way..."

"No! Not that one! The other one...!!!"

" . . ."

" . . ."

"This wouldn't happen to be the teddy I gave you and which you told me you'd throw away because I wasn't polite enough to your 'companion' back then, would it?"

"No? Why would it be that teddy?"


A long silence fell upon them.

"...Really, do I have to do everything around here...?"

And now he was feeling a bit sheepish. He had indeed told her he'd throw it away, but it was a total overeaction on his part, which he realized after he had calmed down a bit.

He had actually felt rather silly about his outburst but couldn't bring himself to to admit that he hadn't thrown it away, after all.

And as time passed he had forgotten all about the whole thing.

He had only remembered he still had the teddy when he moved to Finland, and for some reason he took it with him.

"You have some interesting items under that bed of yours... Wouldn't it be more convenient to put them in a drawer or something?"

"Why? I'm happy with my box system" He chuckled.


It was indeed a family heirloom, but he would still have liked to give it to Sebille. She was certainly worthy of it.

"Thank you..."
"You're very welcome, dear."
  "So... why was it that you didn't throw that teddy away?"


She was not going to let him off the hook that easily.

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