A new world 22/06/2007

The demon was alone.

He felt sad about the death of his companion, his friend, but he didn't
regret it. It was what he had wished for, it hadn't been his choice to live
as a cursed being for all time. Being shunned by all.

He had merely helped his friend to become what he had wanted to be for so
long; dead.

 Banished him for that did they? The elders were much too fusty, he had never
really approved of them and had proceeded to live his life the way he pleased
but by staying in the boundaries that had been given to all clans.

Well, he wasn't dead, although banishing was said to be a death sentence. No-one had ever returned. Apparently that wasn't what the ancient spell
pattern did. They old fogeys didn't even know what their own spells did. They weren't so great after all, were they now.

Though that didn't change the fact that he was now stuck in this world,
stripped powerless.

Did the spell send every banished creature here, or were there other worlds
as well? It was possible and seemed likely. This one was very odd and it
intrigued him. He had panicked when he had realized he no longer had any
power and noticed that there were other demons here.


It hadn't taken him very long to realize that they weren't demons at all.


They were human. The last human in his world had died 340 years ago. He, himself, had been very young then, and had never seen one so he was relying on old drawings and descriptions to base his opinions on. Humans were rare even then, almost extinct. After coming to this world he had stayed hidden at fist but then realized that the humans paid no attention to him, maybe because they had never seen one of his kind? Maybe because his appearance was very close to theirs? Who knew..

His clothing did, however, attract attention and it needed to change.

This world, Earth, as it was called was so full of life, and humans were
obviously the ones ruling it. Funny. Such weak things they were and yet they
had been allowed to take over. He hadn't thought it could be possible to have
no races superior to theirs in this 'Earth'. Apparently that's how things
 were, though.

He didn't really know what he should do now. He was waiting for his powers
and his appearance to return. Upon arriving here, he thought he had lost them both
forever, but in a few weeks they had slowly started returning.

He had so far gotten back his fangs, his hearing and most of his senses, as

well as some of the most basic spells. His eyesight still wasn't as good as it had been
and he was still missing his claws, his strenght and his wings. He couldn't
even shapeshift anymore. He hoped everything would return in time.


This world seemed peaceful, and humans were the strongest beings around. He
didn't need his powers to fully return in order to be able to survive. His powers were

part of him though, and he felt empty without them.


What should he do? And where should he go?

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