You may call me... 25/06/2007

The demon had found a place to stay. A house with several humans from different backgrounds. Nobody asked too many questions to start with, and in his case, they asked none. Except for one...

He had been given a new set of clothes (to borrow, as the little lady had put it). Much more comfortable than anything he had ever worn. The demons didn't care much for comfort and he was pleased to find that the humans did.

His hair had started reverting back to the way it was, though, it seemed that it would go black. His hair hadn't been black in hundreds of years. It was his birth colour and he wasn't too fond of it.
And in his current state he couldn't even turn it to the colour that pleased him the most.

He sighed.

Still no sign of his strenght either.


Even his senses had dulled. For him to not notice a hume child approaching...

"What is it, dear?"

This one kept coming back to him, although he had said he needed nothing. Well, at least he could have small conversations with someone other than himself this way.


She had been the first one for him to meet.

" ..."

Small and frail, but much more pleasing to the eye than some humans he had seen so far.

"Don't be afraid, little one..."

Well, she wasn't. And she was the one to give him a place to stay and bring him food and clothing.


"I brought you some tea..."
"I see... I do enjoy tea."

The demon had never had any before coming here.

He didn't really want to admit it but...

...In a way, this one was... endearing.

"Somnion, umm..."

"You may call me Nion"
"Okay... Nion, umm..."

"Why can't I talk to anyone about you?"

"I have not said you couldn't talk about me to your companions..."
"I know..."

"I know that, but... I just can't. Every time I try to say something, the words just... don't come out. And sometimes when I try to think of what to say my mind trails somewhere else. Like it's avoiding the whole thing."

"Maybe you do not want to talk about it to them, after all?"

"But I do! I really do..."

"I see... Perhaps  you need to try harder, then?"

She jumps up, looking determined.


"I'll do my very best this time."

Interesting. Very... interesting.

She has noticed the spell. She doesn't know what it is but she knows it's there.

Nion had used that spell on countless demons to manipulate them and to keep himself and his cursed companion safe and never had anyone broken it. Of course it didn't work on the more powerful demons but humans? Surely, it should work.

Had his power diminished this much or... was it that the little hume was so curious and strong willed that it overrid the spell?

She would eventually break it, and when she did, it would be no use having it on the others either. If one spoke, the spell had no effect.

He needed to prepare for them all to be aware of him.

Nion felt a little worried but... also at ease. Little Miy had accepted him, and was curious about him, perhaps the others would as well.

Either way, he wished to stay, at least until his powers returned.

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