Test Subject 03/07/2007

Sebille was in a good mood. The whole day had been relaxing and that always pleased her.

She had even gotten to talk to Fenrir properly, without him kidding around too much.

Now, she was on her way to Null.

She wanted to try to surprise him, she knew she wouldn't succeed but hey, there's no harm in trying, right?

Sebille walked towards him silently, her heeled boots making no sound on the hardwood porch. She tried to not be there, to diminish the chances of anyone noticing her presence. She used to to this to her friends when she was a kid and always succeeded at scaring them.

So far so good... but he might've already noticed her. With him, she never knew.

" ..."

"Why are you trying to hide yourself?"

"Ahehehe... You noticed that, too?"

Wow. Not only had he noticed her (like she had expected) he had figured out that she was trying to hide.

"Kind of depressing... I used to be so good at this."

He was really good... Or then she was rusty.

"You are."
"Hmm? Really? Then what are you? A master of disguise?"
" ..."

Stupid question; that was propably true.

"I'm really in such a good mood that nothing can irritate me today."

She was talkative when she was in a good mood... and sort of fidgety, too. Null was propably so confused. Sometimes she was mad, other times annoyed and now all happy.

" ..."
"I had a good talk with Loupe today, too. He left just now, though. Something about you normally coming to the living room around this time..."

"I waited there for a while and then came looking, since I was getting bored..."

"...I'm weirding you out now, aren't I?"
" ..." He was about to open his mouth--
"No. Don't answer that."

She got up and let out a little laugh.

"I'd better go before I scare you away."

"But before that..."

She leaned forward. Null was definitely confused, clearly interpreting her actions wasn't one of his best skills.

"There's something I've been itching to do for a while now."

"And I can't believe you haven't tried it either..."


She laughed again.

"You know... you can touch me properly next time. I won't break."

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