From black to red 04/07/2007

He had gone ouside.

Miy had broken the spell about the same time as the others had started to take notice of it. Apparently, the spell really didn't work on humans very well -as it couldn't have been due to his powers weakening. They couldn't have diminished that much.

Somnion sighed.

His appearance was still slowly returning... at times it came slow and other times fast. It was not making any sense.

He really wanted his powers back, the black hair wasn't to his liking, nor was the fact that he was talked to a lot more now.

It wasn't that he didn't like the humans but he wanted to think, and try to feel the magic coursing through his veins---

There was a strong pulse.

And another.

Over in a second, the magic had taken over him and his body had ached all over.

His claws... .

He felt it all. His magic, his strength.

The strongest magics were still lost, as were his wings but... this was so much better.

Now, finally he'd get his prefered appearance back.

He didn't wish to look like members of his clan any longer. They could too, take different shapes but they all had black hair at birth. He had abandoned that the moment he had left the village.


Now, he could maybe return to studying the humes a little more closely.

His willpower was back...

for the most part.

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