Almost like... 10/07/2007

Okay, you get less text than normally. Text just didn't fit very well this time :P

Sebille was trying to tame her new unruly hair.

"This perm is driving me nuts... My hair doesn't stay in place"

It couldn't possibly be that hard to have her wear a wig every once in a while, could it? Changing her hair was becoming a nuisance of sorts.

" ..."

Not listening, hmm? Or just not interested? Well, she couldn't really blame him.

"I shouldn't have let them change my hair this time, should I?"


"...My hair."

No answer. But there was movement... That might be good?

"Your natural colour?"
"Ehm... no... this isn't..."

It was the same question she had asked him some time ago.

"My real colour... is very dark... brown, almost black..."
Her speech was wavering, as she was distracted.


And he let go.


What was that? You don't just come all close like that and back away. She was sure he was going to kiss her, too.

"What the hell was that!?"
" ..."

He can't do that! It's not fair!

"You can't do that. That's the same as if I did..."


"And then..."


"...walked away."

She grinned.

And she left.

She thoroughly enjoyed their little games. They weren't getting anywhere at this pace but it didn't bother her. Maybe it was better this way. He didn't seem like he was in any hurry either, so...

" ..."

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