Getting to know eachother 30/07/2007

Lin was spending time with Fenrir. Neither had much of anything better to do, and Fenrir had promised to walk him through most of what was going on in the house.

Their conversation had been but on hold when Fen's cell phone rang, though. The phone conversation had seemed rather formal until Fenrir had moved the phone further away from his ear to avoid going deaf. Even Lin could hear the yelling and he sat meters away from the other man.

Finally the caller seemed to have calmed down. Fenrir didn't seem too thrown about his fit (Lin assumed it was a he), either. Maybe it happened quite often?

" ..."

"Okay, sorry about that"

Finally it was over. Most of the last five minutes had been Fenrir consoling the unknown caller. Rather depressing actually.

"That guy just doesn't know when to quit and then complains to me when things don't go the way they should."
" ..."
"If he can't contact me by phone he sends a letter... or well, a novel is more like it."

"I wonder if he'll ever find someone who can stand him for more than a few weeks" He sighed.

"Umm... who?"
"Skoll, my brother. And really, sorry about that... I can't really refuse to answer his calls."

"'ll be far worse if I do"
He chuckled.

"So... where were we?"
"You finished telling me about... Reiji."

Yes. Fenrir had gone through most of the residents of the house, explaining Lin what rooms they lived in and how they wanted to be treated.

"Well, then. I've pretty much told you everything you need to know about the house. Almost everyone's pretty easygoing so it won't be too hard to fit in. Especially after you start talking to them."


"Hehehe, but if you feel shy I can introduce you at least to Sebille and Reiji. They're both pretty cool."
" ..."
"...though I'm not sure if Seb wants more friends at the moment" he muttered after a moments pause.

" ..."

There was something bothering Lin. He didn't talk about it but he did let it show. He had never been too good at hiding his emotions.

"...What is it?"

"That guy... the one that was sitting on the porch when I arrived... is he... uh, who is he?"

"Oh, him. He's Null... and like I said before; he likes to be left alone. He's kinda dangerous actually, so it'd be better to just stay away. Though you should be safe when Sebille's around him" He chuckled again.


"She's totally got him wrapped around her little finger. I don't know much but they have something going on. She won't talk to me about him although normally she tells me almost everything, so..."

Lin turned away and mumbled to himself.
"Him... and a woman?"

"...What was that?"

" ..."

"Oh, that poster? It's a friend of mine who became a model."

"Really? You know a model?"

"Yeah... a few actually. I've met a lot of people so it's not that surprising..."

"You seem to know a lot about things..."

"Haha. What can I say... I'm one curious fella. Trying to know everything at all times."

Lin was enjoying Fenrir's company. He even felt like relaxing a bit although normally he was a bit tense around new people. He hadn't travelled much either and had been rather worried about coming to Finland.

His studies demanded it so he didn't have much choice, but now he was quite sure that he'd enjoy his stay here. New friends weren't a bad thing.

He smiled for the first time after arriving to the house.

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