Mistakes made 25/08/2007

Lin woke up feeling awful. His head was about to explode.

He groaned.

"Urghh... My eyes hurt..."

"I'm never gonna drink again..."

Going for a night out had seemed like such a good idea last night. Lin would start studying soon and he wanted to have some fun before that -and what better way to have fun than go out.

It probably was fun then, but not now.

Fenrir had offered to accompany him, since he knew all the good places. Lin couldn't tell whether the places they had gone to were good or not, though, since he couldn't remember a thing.

"My head's gonna explode..."

"It'd be a wonder if it wasn't... You drank quite a lot. "

He smiled.


Now that he mentioned it... He felt like he had done someting... something... Not just drinking that was sure.

...what was it?


"Let me help you to bed..."
"No... I donn't need bed..."

"Yes you do, you drank a little too much..." Fenrir had sounded amused.
"Nno such thingg as drinnnking too much..."

"I beg to differ... you can't even stand up properly"

"Come on, let's go to bed now..."
"But I'mm not feelling tired... at alll..."

"See, bed."

"Mm... why are you sso nice to mme?"
"I'm nice to everybody... Okay, let's get you lying down.."

"Hmm... you shmell good..."
"Okay... but bed--"
"Realllly good..."

"Lin... Oy! You're drunk--!"
"Mmaybe a little..."

And he had kissed Fenrir (He really did that, seriously?)

"Okay, that's it... bed!"

"Mm... zzz..."


Oh no! He hadn't seriously done that? It had to be a dream... right? Right!?

"Anyway, I came to ask if there was anything you wanted?"


"For the hangover?"

Lin jumped slightly away from him as he sat down.

"Are you okay? Your face is all red..."

Why was he acting all normal? There was no way he wouldn't remember it, if it really happened.

"I'm okay..." He said timidly -though it was a huge understatement.

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