Problem 26/08/2007

"I can't believe this is happening..."


"Uhh... here...?"
"Where else? It's a bed... what better place is there?"

"Well, I thought---"

"... ...and now?"

Lin gasped.

Oh, crap!

Now he was having (more?) dreams like this. Was he really that infatuated with Fenrir? This was bad... really really bad.

This couldn't go on like this.


Later on, they had hooked up again. Having some snacks and once again; beer... This time, he wasn't going to let himself get drunk, though.

Lin was feeling a little reserved. He still wasn't sure what had happened the other night and... he didn't want to be too obvious.

"The other night..."

"...I didn't do anything... strange, did I?"

"You don't remember it at all?"

What did that mean? It? What it?

"Uhh... It's a bit foggy... and sometimes when I'm drunk I do some dumb things and say stuff I don't really mean. So... yeah... I didn't do anything, did I?"

"Mm... not really, no. I mean... we all do and say stuff we normally wouldn't do when we're drunk."

Okay, now what did THAT mean? So, either he didn't do it, or... Fenrir didn't think it was strange? How was he supposed to interpret that answer? Was he dodging the question on purpose or was he clueless? Lin was confused.

"Okay... but--"

Fenrir set down the bottle determinedly.

"It's really bothering you that much?"


Well, it wouldn't bother him as much as it did if he knew if it really happened. And if he hadn't seen that dream. AND if he could get it out of his mind.

But no. The scene from the dream had kept flashing back into his mind all day. He felt awkward.

"I don't think you did anything 'strange', per se. Sweet-talked Sebille a little when we got back she wasn't very please, though, and had some trouble walking straight and so forth..."

Fenrir was amused. He didn't show it, but he was. Lin was certainly bothered and Fenrir found it awfully adorable.

"Okay... sweet-talked? That's embarassing..." Lin laughed nervously.

Fenrir leaned forward -a little too sexily for Lin. Really, did he do that on purpose? Did he know how Lin felt?

"What kind of 'dumb' things do you usually do, then?"

Lin felt flushed again.

"I... I'd rather not talk about it" =__=

"Oh well... Not that it's really important.."

" ..."

He so had to try and get this out of his mind. It was driving him nuts.

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