Morning of a sorts 29/08/2007


Sebille was pulled from the sweet lull of sleep by the weight shifting on her bed.

She jumped up, not quite comprehening who it was that woke her up.


"Oh... It's just you... ... You're lucky I don't sleep naked" She sounded slightly grouchy.
"I'd have kicked you half way across the world, if I did."

"Anyway... what are you doing here?"


"No? What no?"

She was still sleepy and not in any mood for word games. Had she ever gotten a full sentence out of him? Once maybe... but it wasn't enough. He should be considerate enough to be coherent so early in the morning (though it was 10am already).

And there was a silence. A long one at that.

"Aaah! No! To the question?"

The question she had asked two days ago, to be exact.

Hmm, silence again. She interpreted it as yes, this time.

"Should I be offended that you took two days to come up with the answer?" She attempted to make a joke out of it, although she knew what it meant. She didn't wish to get all sentimental now.

She was extremely happy. It meant her a lot, really a lot.

" ..."

She didn't know if she was worth it, she didn't know why he thought so much of her.


"Why such a lonely and... empty name...?"

It fit him very well, though. Whoever gave it to him was right to choose it.

Still, it was kind of sad.

"Now... would you mind turning your back to me while I grab myself some pants?"

She was rather amused at how he did what he was asked so easily. It was kind of cute.

He didn't turn his back to her but he didn't look either. Sebille was actually a little dissappointed.

"You can look now... I'm decent enough... I think." She chuckled.

" ..."

She was humming and secretly enjoying his eyes on her.

"It's bad manners to come to a lady's room uninvited, you know..."

He was still looking and, not suprisingly, staying quiet.

"So... Have you had breakfast yet?"

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