Mysteries of the past and present 09/09/2007

"There's something special about this necklace, I know it. You wouldn't carry it around all the time if there wasn't."

"I'm determined to find out what it is, by the way" She smiled.

Yesterday seemed so far away. Letting everything out made a world of difference. She was no longer stressed nor anxious.
She enjoyed being close like this, it was intimate in a way, although it wasn't. She was satisfied with it and it didn't seem like he needed anything else, either. It was definitely making progress, as her previous relationships had been... well, not very satisfying.

Relationships? Was that really what this was?

The quiet afternoon was interrupted by a calm melody.

Sebille wasn't sure what it was at first but realized it was Null's cellphone when he turned to his right.

It made her realize that she didn't have his number. Well, she probably didn't need it but wouldn't it be good to have...? Just in case.

Hmm? He let her see the caller? 'Hound' it said.

Well, not that it said much to her, and he wouldn't answer the phone anyway with her there... or he'd at least go elsewhere to talk.


What? He didn't?

So it wasn't important, then? No... it sounded like it was. She heard the first sentence spoken in a hoarse voice: "Are you alone?"
"Yes." was Null's answer.


Sebille felt like she shouldn't be listening but she was also curious about the call, and the caller.
This 'Hound' person had lowered his voice, though, and she could only hear separate words out of context:
"quit... might interest... ... highest security...father"

"The details?" Null asked. He actually sounded a little intirigued. He was never that curious about her.

Okay, that wasn't quite true, Sebille knew it but... she had a bad feeling about this.

Sebille could no longer hear anything that made sense. The person on the other end of the phone spoke faster now and all the words melted together. She was too far to hear anymore.

"Send them to me later."

Why? Why'd he let her hear it? And why did he lie about being alone?

"Your friend?"
She knew it wasn't.

" ..."


"I see..."

She really didn't feel too good about this. She'd thought Null had quit... retired. But apparently there were... exceptions.


Sebille had spent the afternoon with Null and ended up falling asleep on the couch after he had gone somewhere.

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