Tease 11/09/2007

This takes place after "Strenght"

"Excuse me!? He did WHAT!?"

Fenrir was outraged but somehow not very surprised.

"I'm sure you heard me..."
"Well, yeah but... Really, woman! You should know to be careful with him already."

"He doesn't even view the world like we do and god knows what goes on in his head."

"And worst of all: he acts on impulse."

It was strange that Sebille hadn't interrupted him yet. Normally she was so keen on setting his mind right (right, as in the way she thought things were).

"You should really break it off before it's too late... 'cause... you shouldn't be hurt again."

"I love him."

That was a rather valid counter-argument. So, it was too late already..

"I was afraid of that..."

"Besides... he's rather adorable, really."

"Yeah, adorable in a homicidal way."

The situation really worried him.

"He's just not... a decent person in a relationship. Does he even know what it means to be in one?"
"I can always teach him" She winked.

"What if he starts hitting you or something?"

Okay, he kind of doubted that himself but you never knew...

"Oh, come on. He might be a bit impulsive at times but he doesn't beat up women for fun. And speaking of decency... Who is it that's teasing the boy?"

Fenrir stood up. He should've known she'd turn the conversation around at some point. She always did that.

"I'm not teasing him."

"Oh~ He kissed you and you haven't said a word about it to him and pretend like it never happened. If that isn't teasing, I don't know what is."
"How'd you--? Nevermind. He was really drunk and probably doesn't even remember it. It didn't mean anything, so why should I bring it up?"

Where the hell did she get all that information from? It wasn't like she was very social with the other members of the household, either.

"Didn't mean anything? The boy's head over heels for you and you know it. You should just turn him down if you feel that way."
" ..."
"If you keep toying with him you have no right to criticize me of not being in a 'decent' relationship. At least we're both a bit of in the dark, not knowing what to expect from eachother."

She was right in a way but... Fenrir didn't know what he wanted just yet. Besides, it was in his nature to be a bit cunning and diabolical at times.

"You should stop calling him a boy... he's older than you."

Didn't seem like it, though.

"Really? But... he's so cutesy."
"You're just way too mature for your age."

"Anyway, I need to go to work."

"Don't you go speaking to Lin about me."
"Would I do that?"


She so would.

He turned to walk away but turned back briefly before leaving the room.

"Be careful, 'kay?"

"I'm always careful"

He wished that was true.

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