Trail of magic 14/09/2007

He was sure it had come from somewhere around here.

A faint sense of magic. He'd felt it but there was no longer any trace of it lingering in the air.

He didn't know what kind of magic it had been and for what purpose it was used but it was certainly something not of this human world.

He sighed.

If he only had his wings he could take flight and scan the area in a matter of minutes.

He came to a halt.

And then there was that.

The creature had followed him here all the way from the house.

He'd tried a number of means to distract and confuse it but nothing had worked. It was as if it had glued itself onto his trail. It could keep up even with Nion's running speed, which was faster than any human and many mammals.

It was... interesting.

The female creature didn't seem magical but nor did it seem human or even of this world.

She wasn't dangerous either.

He should maybe examine the creature a bit closer some time.

He started walking again.

And not surprisingly, so did she.

Now... How could he track down the source of the unknown magic? All magic made left a trail but some were hidden and some so weak that they were hard to find. This seemed to be hidden and Nion still hadn't regained his full powers.

Magics were his forte but seemed like the caster was skilled as well. He didn't know if he could find who or whatever it was that used it in this world.

He stopped again.

And again, so did she.

This wouldn't work.

This road would only take him to a human residence. As interested as he was in their habits. his priority was finding the magic user.

He was curious by nature and wished he could learn everything about everything in this world. He had grown tired of his own and felt like he'd been reborn here.


What was this... a path? Why hadn't he noticed it until just a second ago, although, he'd been standing there for a good minute?

"What do you say, little-thing, shall we get off the road and head for the woods?"

He watched as she ran.


"The woods it is then..."

And so, the odd two-some dissappeared into the forest. One searching for something and the other following just as determinedly.

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