Evaluation 23/09/2007

Lin was so confused.

He'd known all along and never said anything... and more than not said a thing, he'd kept avoiding the topic quite masterfully.

Did Fenrir really think nothing of it? Just some drunken fooling around, was it...

Well, it kind of was but... Lin had wanted to kiss him even before that.

"You shouldn't sit on the cabinet."

Lin was startled. He'd been totally absorbed in his own thoughts that he'd completely failed to notice Fenrir's arrival.

"It's not made for sitting..."

And did he have to look that good again?

"Oh, right... sorry."

"...Are you going somewhere?"

What was he doing here?

"Nope. I'm coming back from somewhere."

He put down the jacket. He was going to stay?

" ..."

Why did everything he did have to look so... alluring?

Fenrir sighed.


"Really... Does it have to be me?"

He put emphasis on the word 'have'. Did it? Yeah, it kind of did. Lin couldn't think much of anything else right now.

This time Fenrir leaned forward. It made Lin's heart skip a beat and he got really (read: extremely) nervous.


The motion was actually quite quick but...

...to Lin it seemed to be happening in a slow motion.

It was like he was somewhere else. Leaning against the cabinet but still so far away.

As Fenrir got closer, Lin's heart was racing and hands sweating.

Lin didn't exactly remember what the last kiss tasted like but this was... It made his knees weak.

The cigarette taste was weak but it was there and the scent of Fenrir's cologne filled his lungs.

The kiss felt like it had lasted forever but it was still over way too soon.

"Hmm... I don't know..."

What? This was an evaluation!?

"Wait! That was---"

He almost panicked.

"I can do better than that!"

Fenrir seemed amused. Just slightly, though.

If he had a chance with Fenrir, even a slim one...

He'd take it.

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