Steps forward 23/09/2007

Sebille was rather amused.

This was the second time within a few days that they were wearing matching outfits.

Last time they were red, and now black and white.


She smiled to herself.

She was so smitten it surprised even herself. She hadn't thought it possible for her to feel like this again.

He was way too good-looking, too, and didn't seem to know it. Or at least didn't show he knew it.

He always carried himself with such pride, though.

" ..."

" ..."

He looked down at her, clearly not having expected that.

She smiled to him a little mysteriously. Not planning to reveal her thoughts to him.

" ..."

"Oh! Over there!"

She quickly ran in front of him and pulled him in the right direction.

She was feeling rather child-like today.

"This should work..."

It was kind of pathetic that she had to stand on a 'podium' but... what can you do when your companion is way taller than normal people and you're a bit on the petite side?

" ? "
"You're still this much taller than me..."

"Slouch a bit, would you...?" She said it in a way that was gentler than her normal tone.

She spoke as he was doing so: "Have you figured out what you're feeling, yet?"

There was a pause.
"Hmm... Then, let me give you a hint: The way your heart is racing..."

The way it did although she was sure it normally didn't  -no matter what he did.

"You have some serious symptoms of..."

And she kissed him, not finishing the sentence just yet. She just couldn't resist.


She whispered.

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