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Okay... So Null had basically retired but he still took some jobs that were interesting. And it had nothing to do with money. Why would it, anyway? He's been working for over 20 years, he was probably a millionaire... even richer, maybe.

So... He turned down the job because... it wasn't interesting enough?

Sebille was feeling rather dizzy. She'd come outside to clear her head. She had so hoped he'd quit altogether. What if he got caught red handed (literally)?

She couldn't deny it; she was scared.

And really, why was she feeling so light-headed all of a sudden?

"Uugh... gotta go inside..."

She stood up, prepared to make her way back to her room.

Not a good idea! It really hit her hard and she lost her balance -and almost her conscience, too.

She didn't normally feel faint... ever.

She was falling and she would fall down the stairs. Not that she had time to realize it as all went black.


She, again, didn't have time to register what had happened. This time it was mostly due to her almost fainting, though.

When she came to, she felt strong arms holding her, not quite understanding who it was and what had happened.


Everything had turned into a hazy blur for a second and then it had gone all black. And she had fallen, so how...?


He'd caught her? But... he wasn't even close-by when she had stood up...?

" ..."

She couldn't get one word out of her mouth for a long while. Had she lost consiousness and was dreaming now? It was kind of hard to believe that she'd have a prince on a white horse that would come to her rescue no matter when and where she was troubled.

"You really have good reflexes..."

Really, wherever he was (he wasn't all that close, that was sure) he had come fast. Surprisingly nimble for someone his size, wasn't he.

"...and could I feel anymore pathetic."

And why was it that she always managed to come out like such a weakling in front of him.

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